The nutritional benefits of sunflower seeds

You remember when you were a kid and all you did was chew on sunflower seeds? I used to love them. Little did I know that sunflower seeds have some great health benefits.

Sunflower seeds can help you get six pack abs, lose fat or any other health benefit that you want.

Sunflower seeds….

-Contain high amounts of Vitamin E which reduces free radical damage from stress as well as lowers your risk of heart disease.

-Are high in phytosterols which are very effective for lowering cholesterol.

– Help your nerves because they are high in magnesium. Numerous studies show the connection between heart health and magnesium. Magnesium is the bodies natural calcium blocker and prevent calcium from rushing to the nerve cell.

-Detoxes your body because they are high in selenium which is needed to make  the powerhouse antioxidant glutathione.

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