Food Allergy Symptoms and Tests

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Certain foods cause more common food allergies then others including

  • Cheese
  • Diary
  • Wheat
  • Cow’s Milk
  • Goat’s Milk
  • Tuna
  • Red Snapper
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Barley
  • Malt

Mediated by the IgE antibody which involves how the body responses to specific foods, there are numerous immune system mechanisms that can play a role. Do you have itchy skin? A bloated stomach? Maybe you’re coughing a lot?

Food allergies can cause both acute reactions such as hives or chronic, long term issues such as asthma, gastrointestinal disorders and even worse. The first step is to attempt to self diagnose and eliminate foods that cause an immediate reaction. Known as a food elimination diet, you begin by eliminating one foods per week and see how your body responds.

Do your bowel movement improve?

Do you joints feel better?

Does a chronic condition seem to improve?

These are all signs that you’ve eliminated a trigger food. If removing that food didn’t improve things then pick another food from the general list above and make changes.


It’s also important to understand that your gut health is important so you should be on a strong probiotic during this food elimination period. You also want to use a high quality omega-3 fish oil to reduce inflammation.

An estimated 45-60% of the general population suffers from serious symptoms which are still getting worse. If you haven’t been able to shake some of the more common symptoms of food allergies like headaches or insomnia then you need to make a change. Certain types of food preservatives like nitrates which are found in processed meats, tyrannies which is found in soy sauces, red wine and cheese and phenylethylamine which is found in chocolate can trigger these allergies. Citrus, vinegar and alcohol all also potentially trigger issues.

Recently advanced science has provided us with a convenient, low cost testing known as FoodSafe which enables medical professionals to zero in on potential food related causes and common symptoms and eliminate them permanently.

Life Extension Blood Testing

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