Foods to gain weight in a healthy way

gain weight in healthy way

What are the best foods to gain weight in a healthy way? I got that email from a reader who wants to increase their weight but they want to do it in a healthy way and don’t want to gain too much fat.

The best foods to gain weight in a healthy way

People get nutrition confused when attempting to increase their weight and think that the main goal is to see a bigger number on the scale every morning. That’s wrong. Just the simple act of gaining weight by itself is unhealthy and starts various different negative health signals in our body that we don’t want. The best way to look at your diet is to analyze the food and see what it can offer your body.

So what are the best foods to gain weight in a healthy way?

In no specific order….

Grass fed beef: Most everyone involved in bodybuilding knows that beef is a great bulking food but what are we to do when we actually look at what goes into our commerically raised beef? When I found out that most commercially available beef is only 70% beef and the rest is filler like ammonia I knew that I’d never eat another ounce of that beef again. To be fair, I had been eating grass fed beef for about a year before that but you get the point.

Grass fed beef has a greater omega 3 to omega 6 ratio but it also contains more amino acids then its commercial counterpart. The fat content is essentially the same but the type of fat in grass fed beef is healthier. Not to mention that it’s loaded with the anabolic nutrition zinc.

Dried Fruit: Not traditionally known as a food to gain weight, dried fruit has less volume then regular fruit because the water is obviously taken out. The nutrition is essentially the same BUT you won’t feel as full from eating them as you would if they weren’t dried out. You won’t get a huge calorie burst but you’ll get micronutrients and you won’t realize that you’re eating them.

Grass Fed Whole Milk:Arnold once said that milk is for babies but he really just meant that regular milk is for babies. Grass fed whole milk contains all the caloric benefits of the milk that you grew up on but with a better omega 3 to omega 6 profile and a healthier fat content. Just keep in mind how you respond to milk. Even grass fed milk can cause stomach unrest.

Almond Butter: There’s nothing magical about almond butter except that you probably aren’t eating enough of it. Peanut butter has gotten labeled as the best nut butter food to gain weight but almond butter contains roughly the same amount of calories yet it provides different micronutrients. It can also increase the taste of your protein shake.

Foods to gain weight in a healthy way:Where’s the bagels?

You may notice that I’ve yet to mention some of the more traditional food recommended to increase weight such as bagels.Why? To be fair I love bagels and there are Saturday mornings that I will down two hot bagels post exercise. I also feel terrible about a half hour later. Call it the gluten or the sugar or something else but I don’t feel too good. Once a week is completely ok in my opinion.

If you’re training an area like your arms (read my article on how to get big arms) ┬áthat you want to improve then a once weekly spike in calories is going to be helpful but I see people recommending that you butter a few bagels and bring it with you all day, that’s just not healthy it will destroy your metabolism.

Your goal should be to gain about 1-2 pounds per month. Even then it might be a little fat gain but you’ll never have to live on the treadmill for weeks before spring break to lose that spare tire. Focus on your health and everything else will come.

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