Olympic Athletes Diet and Training

Olympic athletes such as sprinter Allyson Felix, volleyball queen Kerri Walsh and swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte will no doubt be the subject of numerous stories leading up to their individual quests for gold at the 2012 Olympics. The fitness community will respond by wondering how they train and what type of diet they follow.  Maybe it’s something we’re all born with, to wonder what someone else at the top does. Thus we try our hardest for a hour, a day or a lifetime to mirror their steps to achieve some goal.

The Olympians are inspiring…

And I’m here to tell you that there’s not a DAMN thing special about them.

I respect and admire, greatly, all Olympic athletes from every country whom have overcome adversity and challenges to participate at the peak of their individual sports. I love reading and hearing about how they never quit, after all, the majority of them do not have endorsement deals or six figure contracts to just train all day and hire people to cook for them like most people believe…

But I’m annoyed at the general fitness public, who think that the athletes have something special about them that allows them to achieve a better body easier.

Yes, you most likely will never be as fast in the water like Michael Phelps and I’ll certainly never jump as high as Lebron James.

That I understand…

But this obsession over how they crafted their bodies or what they eat is only doing one thing…

It’s keeping you FURTHER from your goals…

While I’ve never directly worked with Olympians, I have trained and consulted with numerous high level athletes…

And they are all the same for the most part.

They need the same nutritional guidance as you do.

They need the same mobility drills as you do.

They have the SAME diet challenges as us.

I know WADA’s (World Anti-Doping Agency) restrictions all too well.

They monitor all the pre and post Olympic drug testing and they are VERY tight on their restrictions, almost to the point that it’s ridiculous.

So anyone that thinks Olympic athletes are using during the games is dead wrong. Could they have used up to the point to get their bodies to look the way they look? Certainly.

For the most part, olympic athletes workouts aren’t too different from anything that you can potentially do. Maybe you’re in a big gym chain that doesn’t have the TRX workouts or bands and chains for accommodating resistance, ok that’s annoying. Maybe you don’t have access to the prowler sled or kettlebells.

But for the most part, it’s not some drastic difference.

Their diets are the same too.

Do you really think Michael Phelps had a sophisticated nutrition coach that would let him eat 10,00 calories, mostly from trans fats DURING the olympics? Absolutely not!

So when you watch these videos or read these articles on the athletes eat, you shouldn’t be too impressed. After all, maybe the athletes are just using a paleo diet, which you’ve heard about for years through your online research. Right?


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  1. Colt
    6 years ago

    Well, there is one damn thing that’s special about them. It takes an amazing work ethic. Even though Arnold admitted to juicing, he didn’t become shredded from just looking at the weights. He also didn’t become Governor of California by juicing. Great article

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