Jimmy Smith Training Offers Cutting Edge Customized Online Diet and Training Programs

 Important: I provide a HIGH level of personal attention, if you’d like to talk daily, we can. I’m not a paleo guy or a low carb guy or a bodybuilding guy or a fasting guy…I’m a RESULTS guy…scroll down for more information-Jimmy

(Check out this video about some of my recent transformation clients…needs to be updated)

For more information, fill out the form below. This is not a marketing gimmick, I’m taking 6 serious individuals who want permanent change.

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How Does Online Coaching Work?

After an in-depth assessment, which will help you and I get on the same page about your goals, needs and metabolism, I’ll design a comprehensive diet and training program to achieve those goals without wrecking your lifestyle or making you JSTAsSeenIn Coachinga mouse in a maze always chasing the cheese, you’ll get to your goals faster. From there you’ll have unlimited access to me through my private coaching email and we’ll check in once per week to make sure we’re move towards your swiftly and on time.

When I say everything is customized for you, I really do mean everything

Here’s what you’ll get in your online training package

  • An individualized metabolic and hormonal profile to assess your internal health environment. I regularly charge $100 for this but it is included in your coaching package.
  • A personalized supplement plan to accelerate your results
  • A customized diet plan to rapidly change your body
  • A individualized physique program to make you more defined and leaner

Why My Programs Are So Cutting Edge? Just look at my results


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IFBB Bikini Pro Kelly Gonzalez
Kelly suffered from the typical post contest metabolic damage,Jimmy helped her understand true body composition nutrition without starvation or extreme situations. His nutrition approach fits into any lifestyle, has increased my energy and has made it easier to “diet” and support her intense training.Her thyroid is back to normal-she stopped taking my meds after being diagnosed with hashimoto’s in 2011.Jimmy helped her meet her fitness goals while staying healthy. No pre-workouts or damaging sports supplements. Also, it’s been great to switch things up from the typical “bodybuilder diet.”


Just needed to give you a shout out and thank you!
After many years in this fitness journey (starting in 1991) I was ready for some different, fresh ideas to add to my mix of eating skills and you saved the day! I have been reading your emails and updates for months and am so happy I made the decision to give you a holla.
I’ve been enjoying my ‘freedom’ from the slave drive of eating and feel refreshed and energized with your options for food and simple supplementation.
Thank you for tweaking my thoughts and helping me to see some new angles and twists on my nutrition plan!
Even hubby has been enjoying some freedom from the ‘coffee’ pot and adding Ultima Replenisher to his water.. that’s a big step!
Stay Fit, Love Life & God Bless U!
Monica Brant
1998 IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion
2010 WBFF World’s Pro Figure Champion

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I started working with Jimmy Smith in 2012.  I immediately got great information and his coaching made my training and weight loss much easier.
He is a genius.  I’m a private coaching client, and that’s the only way to go.
Having someone there to guide you is priceless.
All the years I killed myself trying to make weight I thought that was the only way.  My last couple of mma fights where easier to make weight than any other time in my career.  I never felt like I was struggling with the diet either.  I get to eat great food and the fat just melts away.  Same thing with his water cutting system. Hardly any effort and I make weight with ease.  Jimmy has taken me from 212 to 205 in 2 weeks and from 205 to 185 in 2 days and I never felt like I was starving or “dieting”.  Jimmy is the man, he’s the top nutrition expert right now in my opinion.
Dedicated to mma and grappling,
Alan Belcher

Regional Crossfit Competitor Gets Shredded With Jimmy’s Diet Plan

Before AFter Crossfit 400 Coaching

Brian O’Connor, Regional Crossfit Competitor

Brian hired Jimmy to get leaner and stronger for several Crossfit regional qualifiers. The “after” picture comes just 8 weeks since they’ve been working together. Brian reports increased totals on several key Crossfit movements.


“I feel I have learned more from Jimmy in a few weeks than a lifetime of working with other trainers, weight loss or fitness program, and fad diet out there. So many things that I had been doing prior were actually counter productive and I have finally learned ways to repair my metabolic damage in a way that also allows me to live a normal lifestyle. Jimmy’s flexible yet effective plan is the first one I’ve been able to turn into a lifestyle change and is easy to incorporate in to my busy roles as a full time working mom and wife. Besides the physical changes which have been awesome,my mood is stabilized, I think more clearly and am much more focused. Jimmy’s plan has been giving me direction, guidance, and great support.”

Amy DeMers MA LMFT

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Christina Sharp:trainer and nutrition coach
1 1/2 weeks progress pic. Down 4 lbs. Great energy and only working out 4 days a week. Cardio is 3x 25 min ea. 2 HIIT days and one steady climb on treadmill. The diet is different than your typical figure comp diet. Less restrictive than I’m used to!

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Jake Lindsey: Professional MMA Fighter: Victory Fighting Championship Welterweight Champion
Jake and Jimmy have worked together for multiple fight camps and weight cuts. Jimmy’s unique weight cutting methods have helped Jake not only lose bodyfat and maintain strength during intense fight preparation but Jimmy has also helped Jake lose up to 10 pounds in under an hour leading up to his title victory…with NO strength lose or fatigue.


Brittney Leigh:Maxim Magazine Model
Brittney started working with Jimmy before a huge Maxim magazine photoshoot. Jimmy’s unique diet and training methods helped her lose stubborn fat over the course of 8 weeks to have a killer photo shoot and get featured in Maxim Magazine.

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Alan Belcher UFC Middleweight Contendor
Alan hired Jimmy to help take his nutrition, body and career to a championship level. Here’s a picture of Alan before a recent UFC fight where Jimmy helped him cut over 12 pounds of weight in 3 hours then helped him gain 17 pounds in a day.

King mo 1 Coaching

“King” Mohammed Lawal. Former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, Current Bellator Fighting and TNA Wrestling Star
King Mo and Jimmy started working together following a difficult knee injury. Jimmy’s nutrition and training plans not only improved Mo’s health but helped him regain lower body strength and return to the Bellator cage with a devastating one punch knockout.

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Marlie Rerucha-Peters
I tried numerous diets and found that the typical advice was either too extreme, too time consuming or just downright didn’t work. In working with Jimmy, I’ve come to learn that nutrition shouldn’t be restrictive and that when you follow the RIGHT nutrition approach, your performance, body and health can ALL improve at the same time. I’m continually dropping 2 pounds of fat per week so it must be working.

Max Detonator Coaching

Max Detonator: Professional Wrestler
Max came to Jimmy looking to improve his performance to have his body withstand the pound of professional wrestling. Using Jimmy’s natural diet and supplement recommendation Max is sleeping better, recovering faster, having more energy and kicking butt

20100308101547 kraniotakes Coaching

Andreas Kraniotakes: Top MMA heavyweight
“Big Daddy” started working with Jimmy to lose body fat and to help take his career to contender status. Big Daddy won his first fight when working with Jimmy and even thanked him in the cage.

The principles are easy to understand, yet most people spend too much time on the “why” and not enough time on the “how”.  You end up spinning your wheels and doing the same thing over and over again.

Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Quite frankly, it’s easy to get confused with all the hype that the magazines throw into your face month after month.

While we work together, for 12 weeks, I’ll teach you the latest cutting edge and advanced body composition and sports nutrition methods so that you LEARN exactly what your body needs from here on out.  You see, I have access to the top scientific journals which only adds to my years of experience. You’ll learn things about burning fat, building muscle and getting stronger that seems like it belongs in a science fiction movie.

Point blank: You’ll have your diet and training program designed specifically for YOU to get results as fast as possible.

This is like NOTHING you’ll see in the latest fitness magazines

Every workout will be designed for YOU. You’ll know exactly what to do and you’ll have a clear action plain. No more guess work and no more confusion with the latest and greatest new workout. Just a personalized program for Jimmy 250x231 Coaching

Your diet is YOUR diet. You’ll never have to worry about WHAT to eat again. Sure, I can hand you a cookie cutter meal plan but that’s NOT how I roll. Your diet will be designed around your metabolism ensuring that you know how to make the right food choices and WHY. I’ll teach you the proper way to diet toward your goals.

You’ll NEVER have to worry about what to do when you’re traveling and you’ll never have to miss a party or big event. The days of bringing Tupperware chicken and asparagus wherever you go are LONG gone.

You have ultimate control. Each week your diet can and will change based on your goals and how your body is progressing. As your body adapts, we’ll adapt to make sure you get your results. With constant email communication, we’ll be able to work together to ensure your results.

Personal attention is important for me and you’ll get a tremendous amount of attention from me

Programs available for MMA, Physique Contests, CrossFit or Just Looking Great Naked

I just got these 2 before and after pictures of current clients in, thought I’d share them with you so you can see what YOU can expect from working with me.

Before AFter Crossfit 400 Coaching Coaching


For more information, fill out the form below. This is not a marketing gimmick, I’m taking 6 serious individuals who want permanent change.

Your Name (required)

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Have a question? See if it has been asked before

Q: I live in a country other than American, can you work with me?

A: Yep, all of the online coaching occurs over email or Skype (if necessary) so it’ll be just like you visited me in my office.

Q: Are you online services expensive?

A: Considering the quality of information that you’re going to get, it’s actually very cheap.

Q: How does your online nutrition coaching and training work?

A:Once you make the investment I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire where I can assess your metabolism and hormone status as well as develop a game plan based off of past diets or training programs you’ve used in the past. As a diet coach, I look for clues to help you overcome sticking points. You’ll check in with me once per week on  Saturdays so that if I feel the need to make some tweaks, I can. Everything is email based with the exception of the phone consulting

Q: Do you offer physique, athletic or mixed martial art diet and training plans?

A: I certainly do. Just purchase the package that you feel is right for you and I’ll become designing your diet and training

Q: Do I have to buy a lot of supplements?

A: Supplements do help but they aren’t necessary.


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