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An Open Letter To Anyone Who Wants To Gain 2 Inches On Their Arms In 3 Months The Lazy Way

The Ultimate Arm Program has already helped scores of people add inches to their arms faster and easier than they ever thought possible. Why not find out what The Ultimate Arm Program can do for you by trying the first four weeks at my risk!


Dear Friend,

I’ve developed something very powerful for the almost effortless growth of muscular and defined arms. In fact, it’s so powerful that, depending on how small your arms are now, it allows you to add as much as 2 inches of lean and sculpted muscle in three months, and amazing as it may seem, you can get these type of results by only training your arms one day a week for just 25 minutes!

You see, being a bodybuilding expert that has specialized in helping people build massive muscle fast and naturally for 9 years, I’ve learned a great deal about how you can successfully add impressive arm size. How you can actually add inches to your arms without trying those crazy magazine workouts that have you training your arms three time a week for 60 minutes or doing arm exercises every hour on the hour. How you can defiantly build a sexy set of arms and end the embarrassment that you feel whenever you can’t hide those spaghetti string arms in a jacket, once and for all, even if you’ve tried and failed time and time again.

And my number one arm training secret that has helped so many people just like you the lazy way can be boiled down to simply this.

No matter what you’ve been told–trying to build and shape your arms the hard way, the way that requires a ton of effort and time, just doesn’t work! It’s not the exercises or even eating a ton of calories that really makes the difference between a set of skinny arms and a set of arms that the opposite sex loves.

If You Read Nothing Else…READ THIS!

Why? Because your body will compensate for the radically increase calorie intake and actually slow down muscle building. And even worse, all the exercises that you’re doing while you’re eating all those calories will turn your skinny arms into  undefined and unattractive slabs of fat.

Fortunately, there’s now a way to train your arms that guarantees that you’ll build cut and defined arms regardless of what you eat! It’s what I call the lazy way to build muscular arms, and it’s my number one secret for having a hot body and a amazing set of arms.

It’s really quite extraordinary,even if I do say so myself! I’ve found a way to literally trick your body into adding arm size, why you happily only train for 25 minutes per day. It’s through a process known as dormant muscle activation and I absolutism guarantee that it works. The process is literally so effective that after just one workout, you’ll feel arm muscles previously unknown to you, growing by the minute.

A arm building frenzy that virtually, ignites previously untrained muscles from hard to reach areas like your lower biceps and the triceps that attach to your elbow. A arm building frenzy so powerful that I can only you to use the Ultimate Arm System for four weeks at a time!


That’s right! It’s a fact! Once you try this powerful and effective method for nonstop arm explosion you may be tempted (because it’s so incredibly easy) to use it longer then four weeks. But I absolutely forbid it. You must give your body a chance to readjust for a period of at least one week. After this you can go back on what I call a arm construction cycle and gain additional arm size.  And even if you have never trained your arms before, you can repeat this arm explosion cycle as many times as necessary.

I’m very proud to say, I’ve spent years researching then carefully developing arm building system that tricks your body into relentlessly adding arm size. And you should know that the workouts that accompany the arm explosion system have been specifically formulated to give you even more support in your desire to achieve the sexy, attractive and muscular arms of your dreams!

Meet Jimmy Smith,MS,CSCS, creator of The Ultimate Arm Program, the fastest growing arm training program on the internet.


Jimmy Smith holds a masters degree in human movement and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is internationally recognized as a leading expert in bodybuilding training and presently has articles featured in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines as well as online at and

His specialty is in rapid muscle building and bodybuilding. Jimmy Smith is a member of more then 7 professional societies of fitness and bodybuilding including the National Strength and Conditioning Association and National Academy of Sports Medicine. Jimmy believes that the Ultimate Arm Program is so effective that virtually anyone can now gain arm size faster and easier than ever before.

The 4 Most Effective Arm Exercises Ever

The very first four week workout makes sure that every single muscle in your arm is primed for rapid growth and safeguards against ” muscle fiber elongation”, a condition which can occur when you start to train these dormant muscles two quickly.

The second set of four week workouts focuses on the following key exercises which I call natural testosterone accelerators. It’s a totally unique combination of arm developing stimulator.

EZ-Bar Scott Reverse Curl (absolutely the best exercise hands down for developing a Schwarzenegger like biceps peak)

Zott Curls (powerful exercise that activates deep biceps muscles to create a “3-D” biceps look)

Tri-Angle Triceps Extensions (essential for maximizing and developing the full triceps “horseshoe”)

Russian Dips (considered a highly effective natural testosterone enhancer, more so then the regular dips you see online)

But, believe it or not, these very special exercises are NOT the reason why my four-week arm building program will work for you. They’re not the reason that you can add inches to your arms in record time. And they’re not the reason that you can feel growth from the very first day you try it!

The real reason why you can actually add up to 2 inches on your arms in 3 months the lazy way is to due to the most powerful arm explosion system.


And with the arm explosion system, you get to do the one thing everybody else has told you not to do! You don’t have to live in the gym or take dangerous drugs to develop a stunning set of arms.  Start a new hobby, pick up a old one or spend more time with your family because you only have to dedicate 25 minutes to the gym once per week.

Just imagine working out only 25 minutes a day once a week, enjoying yourself like never before and watching daily changes to your arms in the mirror. Imagine, in just four short, wonderful weeks, how you’ll have a set of bigger and more seductive arms that you’ll never be embarrassed of again.  It’s truly the lazy way to gain arm size!

Can you blame me for believing so strongly in the power of the Ultimate Arm Training program that I’ve put my professional reputation on the line to prove it?

How many arm training programs or plans or systems have you tried that were actually developed by a fitness professional with a masters degree, top certification and who is trusted by the top fitness magazines in the world? Probably very few, in any. Why?  Because most people or companies have nothing to lose if their so-called muscle building programs don’t work. They just don’t care if your hopes and dreams are wrecked. Here today, gone tomorrow, along with your hard-earned cash!

Well I spent too many years going to college and studying, an then working as a fitness trainer, then running my own fitness and bodybuilding consulting business during the day and doing scientific research almost every night and even weekends, just to risk all this on a arm building program that doesn’t do absolutely everything that I say it can. No, absolutely, not! I repeat, I will stick my hard earned reputation on my lazy way to big arms. And I want to prove its power and effectiveness to you right now!


Here’s How You Can Gain Up To 2 Inches On Your Arms In 3 Months At My Risk For Just $13

The entire 12 week Ultimate Arm system plus my exclusive closed door seminar where I reveal underground arm building tricks can be purchased at my gym for $39.95, which is a bargain considering what it will actually accomplish! But since you probably can’t come to my gym, I want you to feel totally secure about your purchase. And what better way then allowing you to try the digital version of the program and the first four weeks at my risk, for just $13.

This is how I feel: after you gain a substantial amount of arm size the lazy way at my risk, you won’t mind having paid for the entire program. And if you’re anything but 110% satisfied, you haven’t lost a penny. Just email and I’ll instantly refund your entire order, no questions asked. I’m so confident that you’ll love the sleeve splitting results  that I’m willing to take this risk.

Stop Dreaming About Muscular Arms And Starting Building Them Today


Thank you

Jimmy Smith, MS,CSCS

P.S-If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your order– for any reason at all- I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

P.P.S- If you continue to train your arms in the same way, you’ll get the same results. What I’m offering you is the easiest, laziest and most risk-free way to try the Ultimate Arm Program so you can see for yourself how my scientifically developed system can help you achieve the more muscles look you have always wanted.

P.P.S-Remember, you will immediately be sent your order. So you can start building an impressive set of arms even if you order at 2:15 am on the 4th of July.