Jimmy Smith Training Comment Policy

The comment section is the most important part of Jimmy Smith Training. It’s how I interact with you and how we share ideas. It’s how you get more information out of me.

Without your questions, answers and knowledge, this site won’t survive. Your participation is needed for our community on this site.

1. Keep it clean. You can have a strong opinion and that’s cool. I have one as well but please don’t act up and swear and start fights. Everyone’s friends here.

2. Treat everyone with the respect that you deserve. I want to encourage comments and interaction. Don’t be disrespectful or attack others.

3. Share. That’s how this site grows. Email your friends, tweet the links, post them to facebook and myspace. You’ll see the “share” button on the bottom of the post. Please use it. Just image the discussions that we could have if everyone used it just once per article.

Thank you for reading and you should know that  I try my hardest to deliver top notch content to you guys.