Energy Balance Ignorance

Traditionally, you’ve seen nutrition information described as a day-to-day thing. You’ve been told over and over again how calories and macronutrients matter for each day and how they effect you each day. Well, “they” are wrong.

The theory states, without telling you, that when the clock strikes midnight, all the carbohydrates, fats and proteins and fiber are added up by your by and subtracted or added to what you burned that day through exercises and you either gain muscle or shed fat.


Ok, don’t worry. All will be reviled in this article.

Eat more then you burn and you either build muscle or get fat. Eat less then you burn and you’ll burn fat.

People are so committed to this option that  nutritionists have designed software and crazy math formulas(ones which I would have no clue on how to use).

But when you break it down and realize that building muscle and burning fat is a 24 hour a day process AND a 7 day a week process and a 365 day process, it’s impossible to view how you’ll change your body within 24 hours.

You can move in and out of a fed or underfed state during the day. Your hormones can spike and decline during the day. Think about it for a second. Whole food (protein, carbs, fats and fiber) breaks down extremely slowly in the body.

It’s not adverse to say that a 5 ounce chicken breast could still be digesting upwards of 8 hours after you finished your meal. But if you listen to the traditional aspects of energy balance, you’d shrivel up and be reduced to a skinny wimp if you didn’t eat for 8 hours.

What about your metabolism?

Won’t your metabolism be wrecked if you go hours without eating? As a matter of fact, research has validated that it won’t. It takes about 3-4 days of very strict and intense dieting to show a slight, slight decrease in your metabolism. Over an extended period of time you’ll see even less of a drop in metabolic rate.

The point of this entire article, my whole reason for writing this article for my Premium members is simply to get this point across.

You don’t need to follow traditional diet means to get lean or build muscle. You just don’t. Your body turns over protein, carbs, fats and fibers every second of the day. Spacing meals out, or eating them too frequently for that fact of the matter, won’t damage you or limit your goals. So I highly advise you to play around with your meal spacing, I guarantee that you’ll start to like what you find.

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