Fixing A Damaged Metabolism:Part 1

Over these next few Preimum-Only articles, I want to look at how to fix a damaged metabolism, why it happens and some cutting edge ways to fix it and prevent it from occurring again. This article deals with how your diet MAKES you fat

Now let me first say that you’ll see this more often then not in physique competitors (bodybuilders, models, etc) since they usually undergo unnesscary extreme diets while overloading their nervous system with TONS of unnesscary cardio.

This happens over the course of various different types of diets and isn’t limited to low carb, paleo, fasting, high protein, vegan or any other diets that you can think of. They ALL get you to this point because they ALL focus on a short term result without worrying about how your body, hormones and mental parts specifically, will deal with this burn out and how doing it time and time again will also harm you.

The sad reality is that you can look at these people and question if they ever competed. Their bodies respond that bad! ┬áPlease note that this is substantial different then the general publics view of “rebound” or “gaining it all back”. The regular people aren’t committed enough to diet in the first place. Our rebound is different from theirs.

Our bodies want to look like nothing that we look like on our contest or picture day. Nothing.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t want to look like that at all, ever again.

In part two we’ll begin to examine your metabolism and why it respond so harshly to extreme dieting and why we begin to damage our metabolism. What signs should we look for? Can we prevent our metabolic damage from happening and still get lean?

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