Fixing A Damaged Metabolism:The Bad Hormone

In part 1 and 2 I laid the general ground work for why you have a damaged metabolism. What causes it and why we can NEVER escape it no matter what we do.

Now I want to talk about Leptin. I alluded to it earlier and how each individual has their own set point of their body fat levels as it comes to Leptin.

Our level of how lean we can get and how much fat we can store is all tailored to our genetics. Your body has a very complex system of knowing when you’re at a dangerously low level of body fat (the same levels that we need to be at to compete or look good during a photo shoot).

The leaner you get the hungrier your body forces you to become. The old myth is that your body gets used to a diet, it really doesn’t. When you’re not dieting, you aren’t hungry. Food is around in abundance.

Leptin is tied to your bodyfat. As your bodyfat goes down your leptin levels go up. So this means that when you’re done with your diet, you’ll still have an elevated appetite. You’ll continue to eat larger amounts of food until your leptin levels are back to where they were before you started to diet.

Now you may be thinking “I used to eat this way before I dieted, why is it bad now”? Your metabolism was elevated before you dieted, it no longer is. Your method of getting leaner was to reduce calories and carbohydrates, that’s how you dealt with a slower metabolism. Well you can’t do that anymore.

YOU have programmed your body to store this bodyfat.

Don’t just think of it as rebound weight either. Once you’ve gained your weight, your body will become comfortable at this level and want to stay there. So not only did you get lean but now your body is heavier then it was before and it wants to stay at that point.

You now also have a very sensitive amount of leptin. Diet again and your metabolism will drop faster and harder then before. We have very few safe guards against weight gain and a whole lot against weight loss.

In part 4 we’ll tie it all together. We’ll look at when to refeed, how many calories that you need to repair a damaged metabolism, how water is so important to your metabolism and other specifics to fixed your wrecked metabolism once and for all.

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