Fixing A Damaged Metabolism:The Metabolism

In part 1 of a JimmySmithTraining Premium Members Only Post, I discussed what a damaged metabolism actually is and what typically causes it. Now I’m going to get deeper into the metabolic effects of a damaged metabolism.
We were meant to be survivors. That is, our ancestors were hunters and gathers. They went out and collected food for the winter yet it was inevitable that they’d eventually come to a point where they no longer had food. Their ┬ábodies had to adjust and save their body fat, it was just needed for survivial.

My main point is that our metabolism has evolved to thrive on not having food, instead of the abundance that we have now.

Our body wants to get fat, it needs to get fat. Your body assumes that more bodyfat equals more survival. Trying to tell your body to not get fat through either diet restriction or supplements is counterintuitive.

Look at it this way. We want to diet for 8,12,16 weeks. Whatever our goal is, we decide we need to diet for a short term time. We never look at the short term response to dieting.

What happens during a diet? No, not the effects of your metabolism or your hormones. We know that those decrease. Your body actually raises its set-point. Everyone human body has a level of bodyfat that they will strive and survive on.

Pick someone, anyone that you know or see online who is lean. Add 5-10 pounds to what you see. That’s their ultimate level of leaness. The condition that you see them in is a result of gastric emptying, lack of water and extreme dieting conditions.

Here’s what I mean. You attend a fitness expo and see a model that looks amazing. They aren’t dumb, they knew they had to be there with very little clothing on their bodies. So they raised their cardio and potentially followed some crash dieting methods. They were able to lose 5 pounds or so of “storage fat” (fat that is used to fill intramuscular fat stores…it’s not real bodyfat) and water volume.

How does this relate to your body fat set point? Some individuals bodies are more comfortable being at a ultra low level then others. That same set point is what raises your weight rapidly when you come off a diet. ┬áThe main player in damaging your metabolism? Leptin…

We’ll cover that in part 3. Can we manipulate leptin so that we heal our metabolism and prevent post diet weight gain?

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