Sweet Spot Training For Maximal Growth?

The reoccurring theme in the bodybuilding world is the arugment over what’s more effective for building muscle, high reps or low reps. While I’ll write a article shortly detailing the difference and how you can use both to achieve your goals, the idea of finding the “sweet spot” between intensity and volume has always interested me.

Could we find a point between volume and intensity that allowed for the best of both worlds without the risk of injury or over training?

I’ve always believed in training relatively heavy, not power lifter heavy. There’s a difference in what it does to building the structure of our body.

We want to accomplish this without giving up intensity however. Until recently I never bought into the idea adjusting your training based on your somatotype or body type but lately I’m changing my thought process.

Here’s the 3 somatotypes

Ectomorph: lean with small joints, narrow waist and wide bony shoulders. These are the guys that can stay lean year round but have trouble building muscle.

Mesomorph: These are the “in-between” guys who are muscular without training and have wider joints and slightly wider hips. They have a easy time gaining muscle.

Endomorph: These are the large body guys who have high levels of fat, wide hips and narrow shoulders. These are usually the stronger guys but they get fat easier as well.

I’m starting to think that the ectomorphs respond better to lower reps, around 6-8 while the traditional mesomorph responds better to a middle of range rep range, around 8-12 with the endomorph responding better to 10-15 reps per set.

As a result, we’d choose the lower end of the rep range. So 6,8 or 10 reps.

You then want to pick a weight that will allow you train exactly at that range. You need to push it here. So what did this accomplish?

Looking at the proven reasons behind each somatotypes failure to gain muscle we can assert that high volume might not be the best answer. Every ectomorph that I have ever known as used higher reps. Every endomorph, as a result of their shape, moves toward powerlifting but gets broken and riddled with injuries.

Try training at the lower rep range recommenced for the next 4 weeks. You’ll notice a difference.

Why continually bang your head against the wall? Try a different approach.

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