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You know the drill this time of the year, you’re rushing around trying to get your shopping done and busy fighting ┬áto get your workouts in consistently….

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I originally released the JST QuickStart Guide 2010 On January 1st. It included all of my latest and most innovative diet and nutrition tricks and tweaks that leave ZERO room for failure. I wrote the guide so that you could open it up and have a livable, “real world” diet in a matter of minutes….

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Weapon X Bodyweight is jammed packed with the best exercises and training techniques to maximize your own bodyweight using strength training intervals and alternating supersets. I don’t have to tell you how busy the holidays are….

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You’ll discover…

-How effective X intervals are. (these truly exist only in my mad scientist mind)

-My favorite “go to” time crunch abdomonial workout.

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P.P.S This truly is an expiring offer. I’ll no longer be offering the Quickstart Guide in 2011 and the Weapon X Bodyweight program will be taken OFF the market with it as well.