10 Fitness And Diet Predictions For 2011

When 2011 knocking on the door, it’s that time again. One of my favorite articles to write all year is my fitness and diet predictions for the coming year.

To see how I did with last year predictions click here. Looking through that list I see that #2,3,4,6 all actually happened and #10 is still a new idea that only a view smart people are looking into as we speak. It will be the breakout supplement of 2011.

Jimmy Smith’s 10 Fitness And Diet Predictions For 2011…Bank On It

1) Low volume workouts/research will continue to become the more popular method for muscle growth.

Sure, the hardcore bodybuilding magazines want you to believe that the pro’s use 1-2 hour long workouts, so you won’t see a headline that screams “Low Volume Better For Muscle Growth”. The reality of it is that you, as a person that doesn’t take anabolic drugs, can’t do a super high volume workout for extended periods of time and expect to grow. Not to mention that you’re just wiped for the rest of the day after a marathon training routine.

Intensity is a better form of progression for muscle growth then frequency. Volume will give you muscle gains but it has to be done in spurts. You must know when and how to add volume to your training programs for maximal gains. I see so many people rushing out there blogging about how you can get huge in 3 weeks. Let’s be real, building muscle takes time. High reps, yes, high total volume, no.

2) The “fitness model look” will continue to grow in popularity.

Do you remember how a few years ago you started seeing more “Men’s Fitness” or “Men’s Health” cover model types in magazine ads or online? Well that’s now the “in” look in the fitness industry and it’s starting to take over the professional bodybuilding area as well. To behonest, most people have never wanted to look like someone on the cover of Muscular Development. Sure you have “swoleguy321” on the message boards that will tell anyone that isn’t the size of Jay Cutler that they look puny but for the most part, almost everyone wants to look like a Ryan Reynolds type body.

Abs, arms, shoulders and chest. The look has become the “it” look with the rise of the WBFF fitness federation. Due to a lack of available funds they did some guerilla marketing on facebook and had the fitness model types discuss the organization online. As more people compete in fitness model classes, the popularity grows. How to become a fitness model has become a popular term and with the NPC starting a “physique” round, the look is here to stay which is why I’ll be designed the Resurrection workout to help you achieve that cut look, click here to check it out.

3) Pre workout nutrition will be phased out.

Maybe “phased out” is a bad term due to all of the pre workout supplements and the money involved in the supplement industry but the idea that you need to take a sugary drink or consume large amounts of carbohydrates pre workout is as out dated as 8 track is. Storing carbohydrates in your muscle is a 24-7 process and provided that your carbohydrate intake is on par with your workout demands, you won’t suffer without a pre workout meal. You’ll be leaner for it.

4)Bodyweight workouts will work its way into the “hardcore” community.

I discussed it briefly last year and you started to see it become a reality late in 2010. Bodyweight workouts aren’t just for busy people or those who are intimidated by the gym anymore. Bodyweight training can be used for rehab or injury prevention training but it can also be used for recovery workouts and fat loss. Blast straps, Olympic Rings, TRX straps and Valslides are all methods of bodyweight training as much as a squat is.

When you add the right type of tempo into the workout you can also cause muscular growth. Remember, building muscle has more to do with geeky science pathways and enzymes then what you do during the workout. As long as you have overload, you’re all set and I provided that to you with my brand new X-23 workout.

5) The idea of meeting your macronutrient goals will become the preferred dieting habit of frustrated dieters.

Listen, the idea that your calorie numbers don’t matter is faulty. At the same time, a calorie isn’t a calorie. You can put someone on a high carb diet but starve them and they won’t lose fat. Meeting your macronutrient goals of protein, carbs, fats and fibers daily gives you the ability to adjust your intake based on your goals. Adjusting is where the money is in changing your body. That’s why so many people get such good results from Macronutrient Math Made Easy, click here to check it out.

6) We’ll take a long hard look at post workout carbohydrates.

There’s almost a study per month that shows how these,recommended, dosages of mostly sugar carbohydrates post workout isn’t the best idea for building muscle.There’s multiple studies that even tell you that you don’t need post workout carbs, period! Carbohydrates are a love-hate nutrient in our body. The minute our insulin is compromised due to frequent and large carbohydrate feedings, we have a harder time building muscle. While research studies in of themselves aren’t 100% accurate(some are funded by supplement companies, some don’t allow a long enough time for the study, some have bad measurements), the one thing that we should know is that ingesting large amounts of sugar isn’t healthy or needed.

7) Fasting diets will rise in popularity then become less popular as we get closer to 2012.

Right now, this is the HOT thing in the online fitness and dieting world. There’s a few notable fasting “gurus” whom I respect that give a very detailed look at how fasting can drop body fat. Essentially, going long durations between meals can burn more body fat. It has become popular and there are those who aren’t fasting experts that are writing those programs.

While I’m not a “fasting” guy, I’ve long said that I feel we can lose fat better with longer feedings in-between meals. It’s my theory that we get hungry on a low calorie diet because our body is trained to eat 6 small meals 2-3 hours apart.

There’s my take on fasting. I’ve tried it and I liked it but I didn’t need to do it.  That’s how you can sum up dieting for most people. If you can commit to a strict diet for a period of 4-12 weeks, you can change your body. Most people can’t commit.

So you’ll see fasting rise in popularity but you’ll see an increased interest in the old 6 meals per day system by the end of 2011 since it’s more of a “livable” diet.

8: Nutrition and training methods that “activate” more muscle will become popular.

New research is coming out daily and the more that comes out the more that we know that our traditional meals of looking training and nutrition isn’t as accurate as we once thought. The devil is in the details. Proper training techniques gives us as powerful of a muscle building stimulus as we could ever ask for. Hormones and genetics play a role and so does our nutrition but our training programs are more important. If we can out the right training techniques together, we can grow beyond belief.

9) Shorter duration interval training will become a “go to” fat loss method.

Current interval training recommendations are about 20-30 minutes. While that’s a super effective workout, cardio isn’t a necessity for getting lean. Your current body fat level, your stress level and your diet play a much larger role then your cardio program does. I’d rather eat less and do less cardio then eat more and do more cardio. Cardio is a stressor on the body and it will break down your body especially in a state of low incoming calories. I’m starting to play with more 15 minute cardio rounds as we speak. I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out.

10) GPLC will be the break out supplement of 2011.

I’ve done a video on pre workout supplements here. GPLC is an amino acid derivative so it’s healthy for you and has some exciting research behind it for delaying fatigue and increasing strength gains within one workout. I’ve used it and it’s now one of my top 3 most effective supplements (creatine and BCAA’s). As more research comes out, more companies will hope on. Get my recommended GPLC now before the main stream supplement companies come out with their own and raise your prices, click here now.

Those are my predictions for 2011, what are yours? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Marylin
    7 years ago

    Love the article. I agree with what you have posted. Although I am not too sure about #10 as I personally haven’t heard or seen too much on this – lol. You would definitely know more about it than I would. Here is to a wonderful, successful, healthy and fit 2011. I wish you all the success, love and peace in the world for you and yours Mr. Jimmy Smith for this coming new year!!

  2. JimmySmith
    7 years ago

    Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment. Happy New Year!

  3. Spot on Jimmy … I read a lot of blogs, facebook, I like trying out different programs etc and what you say is bubbling beneath the surface ready to pop out in 2011.

    I like your low volume/ fitness models/ fasting points, they would be my big three guaranteed.

    Love reading your articles and vlogs really informative and entertaining but more importantly what I see (above many others) is all the time your passion to help out and move forward.

    Look forward to reading more next year. Happy New Year!
    Raymond Ho

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