10 Fitness Predictions For 2010

Well the new year is here and with it comes endless opportunities and chances to change your body and life for the better. 2009 was a fantastic year with multiple new and different training and nutrition programs. It was the year for people looking to lose fat and maintain muscle mass due to innovative diets like The Calorie Rotation Diet and Nutrition Elite Calorie Tracking Software.

I personally am very happy to see these new trends.  The more unique training and diet programs available, the more wight you’ll lose and muscle you’ll build.

So grab a protein shake or a cup of decaf organic coffee and sit back and look into my crystal ball.

Jimmy Smith’s 10 Fitness Predictions For 2010

1. The gap between advanced and regular training will get closer.

For years it seems that a divide between bodybuilders or people that train like one and “regular” people who use “everyday” or “functional workouts”. I personally find it nonsense but there’s online fitness coaches that heavily advocate this split.

I strongly feel that there’s a time and a place for everything. Everything is a tool in the toolbox and needs to be called on for a specific purpose. You’ll find these workouts in The Physique Formula.

2. Interval training as we know it will be GONE!

Not that we’ll ignore interval training and go back to our traditional forms of cardio. Our interval training is going to evolve and we’ll see a shift in metabolic resistance cardio. Interval training is here to stay, it produces fantastic results in less time.

We’ll see less cardio focus and more focused placed on bodyweight workouts and kettleball workouts done with interval style. It’s even less painful than traditional intervals so we’ll be able to enjoy it more and do more.

3. Low Carb Diets Are DEAD!

Alert the papers, low carb diets are DEAD and BURIED! There’s no reason to diet using a strict low carb diet anymore. Even in extreme cases, there’s better alternatives than before.

Forget about the painful, drawn out dieting phases. A Calorie rotation system is your best option.

4. Calorie counting is back BUT easier than ever!

For years dieters struggled with counting calories. I’ll admit, it WAS a pain. That opened the market for various “you don’t have to count calories ” approaches.  That worked well for a while.

I love the idea that you should focus on your food quality instead of quantity. Most people need to make better food choices. That only goes so far, however, and like everything else, there’s always a trend for a few years then what’s old is new again.

Well fast, easy and efficient calorie counting systems will make a come back this year. Systems that allow you to track your calories effortless,like The Nutrition Elite Software, as opposed to weighing everything will be huge this year.

5. Bodypart splits are back and they are angry.

I alluded to this earlier in prediction number 1 but I feel that it’s so powerful that it needed it’s own prediction. It’s ok to be called a bodybuilder. I remember early in my writing career when the popular thing online were functional trainers/authors that knew anatomy. It seemed like every article on every big website took some type of shot at bodybuilding and their focus on bodypart training.

I admit, I feel into that trap. I got away from my love and do you know what happened? I had the worst training year of my life. My muscle mass increased very slowly and my workouts just weren’t fun. I mean who enjoys doing two full body workouts  back to back?

Please learn how to separate fast from fiction when you see an abundance of these workout coming out but don’t be worried if you train using bodypart splits. It’s still vastly superior to other forms of training and you’re still doing your body a world of good.

6. It’ll be easier to start a diet than it has ever been.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to start a diet.  You either drastically cut your calories and starve yourself then hit a wall and stop losing weight or you take too long to get into your diet that you never stay committed to a change in your lifestyle.

I predict that you’ll see a greater emphasis from trainers and nutritionists on quickstart diet guides that show you how to make proper food choices and start a diet with innovative nutrition techniques that guarantee both immediate and long term weight loss..

7. Taylor Lautner will single handily cause a shift in how people view muscle and abs.

The teen and 20’s age groups will be the most effected by this shift. Don’t underestimate the impact that the New Moon star as already had on the industry. He’s a slightly more muscled version of the typical Abercrombie model. Guys want it because they feel that the girls love it. While it has less of a impact than Arnold and Brad Pitt had, it’ll cause the younger generation to train harder than they have.

8. The Olympics will cause a rise in a popular form of training.

I don’t know what it’ll be exactly but there will be one or two athletes that capture the attention of the world and people will be asking “how do they workout” or “what do they eat”.

We saw it with Dara Torres a few years ago and we are due for another round. Whatever the diet or training method is, I caution you to look  at it with an objective eye.

9.  Plyometrics will make a big jump into mainstream fitness programs.

If you looked around your gym any particular time this past year you might have seen someone doing some sort of plyometric or jump training. For years it has been used exclusively in athlete training programs but I noticed a trend in 09 towards more jump training for conditioning.  I’ll be honest, I intially didn’t think that it would be that good of an idea but I’ve been converted.

It started when I began interviewing various female figure and bikini competitors and fitness models for the site. Almost all of them were either adding some jump training into their traditional barbell, dumbbell, machine workouts at the end or skipping the traditional workouts in favor of jump training all together. Some reasoned that they saw better leg and butt results when they began doing more jump work and others said that they added it in as a means to burn more calories.

Then I started to talking to some male fitness models and while they weren’t doing nearly the volume that their female counterparts were, the ones that used it did so to get a more effective cardio and leg workout.

Jump training will be the biggest difference maker in your physique this year.

10.Pterostilbene will be the hottest supplement of the year.

Don’t feel like you’ve missed anything if you’ve never heard of pterostilbene, most people haven’t. Recent research is pointing to some miraculous benefits of this nutrient found in the highest amount in blueberries. It shows some very positive benefits in terms of mincing caloric starvation and killing cancer cells. I’ll write a more in-depth article on it for the site in a few days but keeps your eyes on this new kid.

Get ready for a fantastic new year!

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  1. Dr. Bryan Walsh
    9 years ago

    Good stuff, Jimmy. I’d love to see some of your predictions come true. It would be nice to see a combining of old school (i.e. body part training), with some more advanced methods (i.e. plyometrics) to create an entirely new and better form of training.

    I’d personally like to see a greater emphasis on physiology and biochemistry as well, since results in the gym are directly correlated with how well your body works. But I’m biased.

    Be well,
    Dr. Bryan Walsh

  2. Janke
    9 years ago

    Good post Jimmy! I’d like to see a workout with more jump training. I use it from time to time and absolutely destroy myself. When I go back to “normal” training I don’t get the same feeling.

    I predict that we’ll see more intense core training in ’10!


  3. admin
    9 years ago

    @ Dr.Walsh- I think when you combine bodypart training and jump training you have one recipe for serious physique changes. The problem is that most people will do too much jump training though.


  4. shib
    9 years ago

    If You mean a Upper Lower split as a bodypart yes if not respectfully NO…TB or Lwr/Upp for 90% yes…training42 years best results seen from those 2 not arms only / chest only legs only etc… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Tao
    9 years ago

    Jimmy I use your Nutrition Elite Software and love it.

    what’s the most efficient way to set up a diet though? If low carb is dead?

  6. Danny
    9 years ago

    Thank god someone is making sense out there in fitness land; I just returned to body part splits a few months ago and have made dramatic gains. I became so weak doing full body so called functional training. Once I added the splits the strength came roaring back. I just limited my functional training to my sport specific training and replaced my auxiliary work with splits. I have become a much better athlete and I feel better than ever

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