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Everyone wants to know how to get bigger arms. It’s not just the dudes either. Women want leaner, tighter and more defined arms which essentially is the same thing as wanting bigger arms. I mean there’s really not a whole lot that you can do to build lean arms versus big arms. Think about this for a second. When you were little and someone said “make a muscle” what did you do? You flexed your bicep right? It’s the universal symbol of strength and regardless of what strength coaches or bodybuilding haters will say, it always will be. You can never have arms too big so here’s 13 tips to build bigger arms.

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1.    Realize that your triceps account for about 65% of your total arm size and work on them more. Personally my triceps recover quicker then my biceps so I have zero problem with training them twice a week.

2.    I’ve found that my arms respond best when I train them twice per week. More volume leads to more growth. Hit them with high reps on one day and lower reps on another day.
3.    Keep it simple. Close grip bench press, dips and skullcrushers rock for triceps and bicep curls and close grip pull-ups are the best for biceps. Get used to them and do it often if you want bigger arms.
4.    Finish off your arm workouts with higher reps cable work. It brings more blood to your arms and helps with active recovery. Best of all, it makes your arms look bigger instantly.


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5.    Train your forearms. Seriously, people ignore that they’ll enhance size in your biceps just  like increasing the size of your shoulders will make your triceps look huge from the side.
6.    When in doubt, train your arms on the same day. If you want bigger arms then your entire goal at least once a week must be to hit them together.
7.    Strive to increase your pull-up and bench press numbers. If you get stronger there then your arms have to grow.
8.    Don’t waste your time on silly old-school movements like concentration curls and kickbacks.
9.    Make sure to not let the weight snap down. A controlled eccentric is fantastic trick to rapidly build bigger arms.
10.    Make it a point to train your arms with reps around four to six. They’ll do nothing but help increase the size and strength there.

11.    Keep your sets around nine for the biceps and nine for the triceps. Ignore the magazine workouts of fifteen set bicep blitzes.
12.    Learn to love not being able to move your arms for a day or two after you train them.
13.    If you want bigger arms then you’ll have to eat big on the day that you train them. No if, ands or buts about it.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Get Big Arms

Q: What’s your favorite intensity method for increasing my arm size?

A: Great question. Assuming that intensity method means using drop sets and techniques like “running the rack” as opposed to training variables such as volume. Here’s something that I advise in my arm workout, perform isometric holds at your weakest point in a curl. For example, let’s say you can’t lift more weight because you can’t get a certain weight up after rep five. Perform isometric holds with 60% of your maximum weight at that limiting range. That allows your tendons to strength at that elbow angle. Use it for 4-6 weeks then you’ll see that you can get past that point and you can use more weight and grow your arms.

Q:  What’s the best rep range to train your arms in for maximal growth?

A: Great question. I find that the majority of people who can’t get their arms to grow aren’t using the proper rep ranges. Most bodybuilding workouts have you focusing on using repetitions of 10-15. While that is good for beginners, you won’t see much growth if you train exclusively in that rep range after the initial shock stage of your first few workouts. Your problem is with your arm strength. I’ve found by specializing with a 8 week arm program using reps from 2-5 then going back to the traditional method of training you’ll find that you can overcome your plateau. Most people are too focused on strength vs muscle growth but those aren’t mutually exclusive. A stronger muscle can produce more force which means you can lift heavier weight down the line.

Q: What if I just want bigger biceps?

A: There are a lot of people that are over ally concerned with getting bigger biceps since biceps are the biggest show muscle. I wouldn’t recommend that you just train your biceps however as your triceps make up around 75% of your arm mass. If you just want bigger biceps then add in a little more direct bicep work at the end of your arm workout.

Q: How can you get bigger arms if you’ve always been skinny?

A: Here’s the great thing about arms. You can get bigger arms now matter what your bodyweight is. Muscle growth is due to various local factors. Train your arms and your arms grow. You can stay 150 pounds and you can get bigger arms you just need to realize it’ll take long.


Q: What if I want lean arms?

A: Lean arms are an interesting topic around the warmer months. Don’t worry about the proportion, just train for size at first. If you want lean arms then your diet will be the biggest factor. Lean arms are a function of low body fat and good arm size.

Q: Do you advise training arms twice a week?

A: For maximum growth yes I advise that you train your arms twice a week. More volume is important but more freqeuncy is also important since you’re doubling your growth factor. Provided that you are training smart then its ok for you to train your arms twice a week.

Q: How can I get leaner arms in two weeks?

A: How can you get lean arms in two weeks? Oh that’s a tough one. I’d advise a ultra low carbohydrate diet to lose about five pounds of fat. If you have anymore of lose then I won’t be able to help you.

Q: What is a good bigger biceps workout

A: If you truly want to get bigger biceps then you’ll need to perform a specialization workout for them. Here’s what I mean. Instead of focusing on building bigger arms, just focus on your biceps. Now that’s not to say that you won’t train your triceps, you’ll just perform more biceps volume during the training session to get them bigger.

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  1. ruben
    9 years ago

    hey im have been lifting weights for some time now and it seems as though my arms are growing too slow. My goal is to get bigger arms and shoulders. Can you please help me out and give me some routines that will increase size faster

  2. admin
    9 years ago

    Are you training your arms twice per week? Check out my 12 week arm cure.


  3. magic
    8 years ago

    I have the problem of gaining strength but not looking big. My arms don’t look that big and im struggling to put on mass despite protein shakes and trying to increase the calories i intake any tips? i think i started the year around 54kg and over the last month of weighing its fluctuated from 53.8-57.5. I’m 18 and someone thats 15 that barely goes to the gym would think they could beat me up although i’ve just moved upto dumbell curling 17.5kg dumbells

  4. terance
    8 years ago

    well for all of u that are trying to gain strength try to do whats called negatives if your working out with a partner or max negatives if your by your self i moved my bench up to 245 in just 3months basically u lift your maxium and come and dorp down as slow and steady as possible it works trust me i started out bench pressing 165 i added 80pounds in 3months

  5. Dakota
    8 years ago

    Negatives help bench big time. I could only bench 225 for the longest time and then started doin negatives and floor bench and i shot up to 295 in 2 1/2 months. I was amazed. I wasnt taking any supplements, steriods, or HGH. Only thing I took was 100% Whey. Also whent from 13″ arms to 15″, and weight went from 138lbs to 155lbs of solid muscle. Jimmy Smith this was a well writen write up BTW.

  6. ken france
    7 years ago

    is working on my atms three times a week to much?

  7. Robin
    6 years ago

    Thank you sir.it worked

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