14 Ways To Spice Up Your Meals

14 Ways To Spice Up Your Meals

One of the biggest deterrents for sticking with a weight loss diet plan for most people is plain and simple boredom.  Eat the same meals day after day, week after week, and anyone is likely to get bored.  This is a quick fix though.  If you can come up with a couple tasty ways to spice up the meals on your weight loss diet plan, you’ll kill boredom dead in its tracks and make sure you don’t fall off the bandwagon.

Here are 14 quick methods to get you started.

Add Low-Sodium Spices

There are so many different low-sodium spices available that you should never become bored. Mrs. Dash is a popular choice among many so pick a few up next time you’re out. This is a calorie free way to completely change a normal meal that otherwise may have tasted quite bland.

Replace Oil With Chicken Broth

Another quick trick to help reduce the overall fat and calories of your dish is to replace the oil with some chicken broth.  Chicken broth will add a nice flavour and help you maintain your weight loss diet plan, so try this with your stir-fries or sauces.

Sub In Applesauce For Shortening

If you enjoy baking, to improve the taste and nutrition of some of your baked goods like muffins or pancakes, try swapping some applesauce for the shortening or butter called for in the recipe.  This will keep the food moist while significantly reducing calories.

Try A New Vegetable

Many of us on a weight loss diet plan tend to gravitate to the same old vegetables. To wake up your dish, try something completely new.  Look for seasonal vegetables in the produce aisle that you normally don’t get year round and use one of those.

The more variety you can get from vegetables the less likely you will be to experience boredom and you’ll get better nutrition as well.

Add In Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a very quick and simple way to add more flavour to your meals but it often gets overlooked by many of those on weight loss diet plans.  You can use this in stir-fries, to create salad dressings, or in any other sauces you may be preparing for your main course meal.

Make Use Of Flavoured Protein Powder

If you think protein powder can only be used in a shake, think again.  Liven up some of your snack choices by adding some of your favorite flavoured protein.  Good ideas include stirring a scoop into your morning bowl of oatmeal, adding it to you yogurt to boost the overall protein content, or mixing it with half a cup of coffee for a healthy mocha that packs protein without the fat.

Toss Some Nuts Into Your Salad

While nuts are quite high in calories, they are full of healthy fats and will help keep hunger low on your weight loss diet plan.  To add some crunch and flavour to your salad, toss in a handful before serving.  Walnuts or slivered almonds both work well, so take your pick.

Stir In Some Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a sweet spice that works nicely in oatmeal or other baked foods.  Some studies have also shown that cinnamon can improve the body’s ability to utilize carbohydrates as well (reducing insulin resistance), so it’s great for not only taste but overall health.

Make Your Own Salsa

Salsa is a great way to boost the antioxidant content of your dish and add a high amount of flavour. Hunt down your own recipe for salsa using a mixture of vegetables and fruit if you desire and serve it on top of your grilled chicken breasts.

Create A Protein Packed Vegetable Dip

If you’re getting bored of raw vegetables, a dip should solve this problem quickly.  Combine together one cup of low-fat cottage cheese with one cup fat-free sour cream.  Then stir in one packet of dip mix or your choice of herbs or spices and serve cold.  The added protein in this snack is also going to help fill you up and prevent you from becoming hungry.

Use Sugar-Free Syrups

There are many different flavours of sugar-free syrup that you can also use to enhance the taste of the foods you’re eating.  These work well stirred into yogurt, oatmeal, pancake mixes, or in hot tea or coffee.  Best of all, they are calorie free.

Multi-Task With Apples

Far too many people think of apples as only a snack food when really they can dramatically enhance the taste and flavour of many different dishes.  When chopped up and added to salads or grilled dishes you’ll get a sweet flavour along with extra fiber.

Try A New Cooking Technique

Sometimes all it takes to boost the flavour of your regular meals is to try a new cooking method.  If you typically grill your chicken, try stir-frying in a small amount of peanut oil for a whole new taste next time.  Or, slow-cookers also add a nice flavour and can really keep your meat nice and juicy.  Don’t rely on just a single cooking method as you’re much more likely to become bored.

Add Some Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Finally, if you’re creating an Italian dish, try tossing in a small handful of sun-dried tomatoes.  These can really up the taste in the meal without adding hardly any calories and will pack a powerful nutritional punch.  These also work well with any type of pasta dish served along side a grilled chicken breast.

So keep these quick tips in mind for your weight loss diet plan.  By incorporating as many of them in as you can on a weekly basis, you’ll find it far easier to stick with your meals and will see reduced cravings because of it.  The weight loss diet plan really is such a large component of your overall success, so it’s something you can’t afford to miss out on.

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