2011 Ultimate Nutrition Flex Pro Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

The Ironman Pro traditional kicks off the bodybuilding season and it has been a fantastic show for the past 20 years. Sadly, due to various economic issues, the Ironman Pro is going to miss the 2010 season.

Not to worry bodybuilding and figure fans. Good things come in pairs and that’s what happened here. First we have the announcement of the Phoenix Pro that’s about 2 weeks after the traditional Ironman Pro date that will kick off the 2010 season. Now, thanks to the good people at AMI, Flex Magazine and Ultimate Nutrition, we’re given the 2011 Ultimate Nutrition Flex Pro Bodybuilding & Figure Championships.

Bodybuilding is back in South California!

With a total prize money of $40,000…

AMI head CEO David Pecker has been one of the biggest supporters of sport and has brought bodybuilding back to an area that loves it like no other.

Plus the show is going to be on Feb 26th 2011 so it’ll be about 2-3 weeks before the 2011 Arnold Classic which sets up some interesting possibilities for competitors to get on stage and fine tune some things before the Arnold.

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