27 Ways To Eat Healthy When You Travel

Last weekend I headed to good old Morristown, New Jersey for the Fast Track To Fitness Millions Seminar. Now I always enjoy these events simply because I get to network and hang out with some of my fitness industry buddies that I’ve only been able to chat with on the phone or Skpye or on Twitter. Just like anyone that has ever attended any type of business seminar will tell you, all the good business happens at the bar.

So there I was on Saturday night, a water in hand. You see I really don’t drink much since A) I’m dieting and B) I’m not much of a drinker though I did have one corona on Friday night, my first drink since the three that I had on new years eve.  A bunch of us are talking business when fitness internet marketing and seo ninja Chris McCombs randomly says “Man,I’m hungry”.

I’m not one to turn down food and I knew that the friend that I was with at the seminar had a car so I said “let’s go eat”.  So then AJ Roberts, who totals around 2587 pounds in the squat, bench press and deadlift says “I’m in”.

The Tale Of The Tape

Jimmy Smith: 6’6 237lbs

Chris McCombs: 6’6 320lbs

AJ Roberts: 290 lbs

That’s a total of 847 pounds, not to mention the two women that were in the car with us. Best of all, we were in a Jetta! I mean at one point we almost didn’t make it up the hill. I thought AJ was going to have to get out and squat the car up it. Here’s a picture of us crammed in the car.


You should of seen the look of terror on the faces of everyone in the diner when we talked in.

Here’s another shot of all five of us outside the car.


That poor car….

While we were at a fitness business seminar, the crowd was obviously made up of fitness pros. Some people came prepared but others weren’t so lucky and had to settle for fried and greasy foods. Not what you want to do on the road. Here’s 27 ways to eat healthy when you travel.

1. Prepare your food. Doesn’t matter what it is, just do what I did and throw some chicken and broccoli and brown rice and protein powder and oats in a cooler and you’re good to go.

2. Hijack your rooms fridge or rent one so you can bring whatever healthy food options that you want.

3. Stay away from the “itis” of being bored during the seminar or between rides or whatever you’re doing and drink a ton of water so you’re not snacking.

4. Casein protein is your friend

5. Wake up and eat breakfast. Don’t just wake up for the first presentation or when your day is suppose to start.

6. Take advantage of the fresh fruit in-between speakers and at the morning buffet.

7. Oatmeal and granola should make up 1/3 of your breakfast along with eggs and fresh fruit.

8. Don’t drink too much coffee.

9. Try to maintain a sensible eating schedule. Don’t go 4 or 5 hours without eating a meal.

10. Don’t drink too much the night before.

11. Don’t be a party-pooper but don’t go to bed too late.

12.Don’t workout if you’re away for 1-2 days. It’ll just cause you to eat more food.

13.Make sure you bring tons of almonds, mac nuts or walnuts.

14. Eat fiber with EVERY meal.

15. Stay away from soda.

16. Don’t be afraid to eat as healthy as you can at restaurants even when the people around you aren’t.

17. I don’t like farm raised fish but it’s better then fried chicken or hamburgers. That’s always an option at restaurants or hotel bars.

18. Stay AWAY from the hotel bar nuts when you’re chillen there.

19. Don’t eat the fruit bars or whole grain bars that they give you between speakers. It’ll just make you want to eat more.

20.Pre-package your food in Tupperware and bring it with you in a cooler.

21.You can always bring natural peanut butter or almond butter with you and leave it in your hotel room and go back and forth.

22. Individual packets of tuna are a god-send


23. The more shaker bottles you bring the better. Fill them with casein protein and bring them with you no matter where you go.

24. If you absolutely must, have a cheat meal towards the end of the trip and during your last meal.

25. If you have to eat late at night, choose a egg omelet.

26. Always order a side of vegetables without the butter.

27. When in doubt, have a shake with some healthy nuts.

Bonus tip: Develop the mindset that you’re going to eat healthy before you leave your house and don’t let anything get in your way.

There it is, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me a comment with a tip or two about how you survived traveling and ate healthy.

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  1. Gil
    9 years ago

    That pic of you guys in the car is funny stuff dude. How much and what did you guys eat? Awesome lessons, I need to follow #20, 23 and 26 when I travel. I end up pigging out.

  2. Larissa
    9 years ago

    #8 is so hard for me to follow. I LOVE coffee especially at business seminars. It’s the only thing that keeps me awake. I’m happy you wrote this though, I’ve had a hard time recently of staying on my diet when I travel and I have to travel once every 5 or 6 weeks.

  3. Barry Honeycombe
    9 years ago

    Some good advice. I travel a lot on business. I know that my commitment to myself dwindles in direct proportion to the amount of alcohol that i consume. Buffets are a risk so i try to decide upfront how much i am going to eat and give myself permission to eat again if i am hungry again an hour later – guess what? i never am! I also set a time for my next meal. I can eat before that, but that is my goal. I am also finding eating a lot more protein is helping me to stay fuller for longer.

    What is Casein protein? I use Get Up & Go which is a soya based protein powder from Patrick Holford here in the UK. I make a shake with crushed ice, soya milk, expresso, frozen banana and some crushed seeds. I am rarely hungry again until 1pm and i usually have this between 6 & 9am.

    Have you heard of Gillian Riley? I went on her course called “Eating Less” which helped me a lot. She has some very sound advice.

    Feeling very good today as i was working with my PT at the gym and managed to bench-press 60kgs which for me is huge. I was a very fat very unhealthy person and having lost over 100lbs i am not going back. I have slipped a bit, but am now back on track.

    I have a boot-camp week of 7 hours with my PT. my usual 3 hour session and then 2x 2 hour sessions, one on saturday and one on sunday. I use your materials for motivation and i just want to say how much it helps me. You are an inspiration.

    Now all i need to do is to get my cardio revving and i’ll be as “fit as a fiddle”.

    All the very best from London (UK)….

    Baz (Barry Honeycombe)

  4. John
    9 years ago

    What a picture in the car! A shoe-horn needed to get everyone in the back?

    Good advice as usual, Jimmy. Keep it up!

  5. Dan
    9 years ago

    Another boost of great advice!!

  6. Mike T Nelson
    9 years ago

    Hey, that looks like my Jetta! I love my Jetta.

    What else did you learn at the conference?

    Rock on

    Mike T Nelson
    PhD(c), CSCS, RKC, ZMT

  7. David
    8 years ago

    Great post. Hope to see more good posts in the near future.

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