27 Ways To Lose Stomach Fat, Increase Your Sex Appeal And Get Noticed

Think about warm weather. What comes to mind? The beach, cold beers, bbq’s? I bet the bone-chilling fear of not comfortable taking your shirt off or wearing a tank top wasn’t one of those warm and fuzzes now was it?

So instead of going crazy this summer by sitting in front of your computer when you wish you were partying or praying for a rainy day so you don’t have to go to the beach, why don’t you step it up an change your body now and make it a sick summer?

Here’s 27 ways to lose stomach fat, increase your sex appeal and get noticed

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1. Stop stressing over work, that girl that hasn’t called you back or the fact that you don’t want to squat. Say it with me “stress equals stomach fat”


2. Take a day off or leave work early so you can spend more time in the gym one day. You’ll be amazed how awesome you feel when you don’t have to rush out of the gym. Carry that intensity over to your next training session.

3. Quit doing a weak workout. Hit it hard, lift more weight then you did last time and try to set your own personal records every time you train.

4. Do interval training cardio three times a week for twenty minutes like there’s no tomorrow.

5. Hit your stomach three times a week after you do your cardio. Do super high rep work and low rep, heavy weight work. Your lower ab work will be the hardest but crush it.

6. Start deadlifting now. It’ll get your back jacked and you’ll lose stomach fat because it burns so much cardio. Watch this video is you need to learn how.

7. Assess your body and be real about it. If you have over 20 pounds to love, plan on dieting for about 12-16 weeks.

8. Read this blog daily for awesome tips.

9. Focus on your nutrition like someone is paying you. Don’t ignore your nighttime nutrition either.


10. Get up and move. Do your cardio and your weight training but do something else every day that’s physical. It could even be just walking.

11. Be that guy that doesn’t drink at the bar. Women will start conversation with you along the lines of “why don’t you drink?”, when they do see the light an run towards it.

12. Figure out how much protein you need and stick to it.

13. Take one day off per week, no gym, no nothing. Just stay on your diet and chill.

14. Cut out a picture of how you want to look and don’t stop working hard until you look that way.

15. Start buying tighter t-shirts. Don’t go overboard with it and try to be a tough guy but show off how hard you’ve worked. It’ll make you more critical of yourself so you’ll work harder.

16. Follow a good six pack ab workout routine for at least four week.

17. Take at least 9 grams of omega-3 fish oil a day.

18. Eat more vegetables. Broccoli and asparagus rule for losing bodyfat.

19. Talk to women who you think are out of your league. You’ll be amazed by how many women love guys with definition but that “aren’t too big”.

20. Go some place busy frequently at the same time every week. The same people show up and they’ll notice you.

21. Focus on how you want to look in the future but enjoy how good you’re looking now.

22. Train with body part split training at least three times per week. You’ll be surprised how certain muscle develop.

23. Creatine is very healthy and you’ll see improvements almost instantly.

24. Train your legs hard. You’ll be surprised by how much you can eat after you do it and you’ll burn mucho calories.

25. Make sure you enjoy a meal or two on a Saturday night. Your metabolism needs it.

26. Keep a training journal. Write down everything that you do.

27. Set a date that you have to have your results by. Work towards it every day.

28. Want to get noticed? Get on facebook, twitter and myspace and start posting your before and after pics. People love seeing transformations and you’ll be able to open some doors if you’re interested in and health and fitness. You never know what will happen.


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