28 New Things I’m Doing With My Body

As some of you may be aware of, last Friday was my 28th birthday. If you didn’t know, shame on you. As a result, I’ve come up with a list of 28 new things that I’m doing to continue to transform my body this year.

Some of the things are novel ideas that I’m tweaking and messing with to see if they work(if they do you better believe that I’m going to share them with you on my youtube, twitter, facebook and my blog, especially in my members area). So keep an open mind when you read the points below and don’t be afraid to leave a comment and use some of them yourself.

1) I’m not getting fat this off-season. Like it or not, I’m a bodybuilders and so are you. I’ll never step on stage and you don’t even have to have the desire to attend a bodybuilding show as a fan. We both want more muscle and less fat, so we bodybuild. In the past, due to my height (I’m 6’6) I’ve always “bulked” during the winter, which goes against my knowledge and desires but I needed to gain size. When I diet, I look very stringy or I used to.

Not this winter, I’m going to try to stay relatively lean. Lean enough to feel good and be healthy. I won’t be shredded, only genetic freaks can do that while gaining size but I’m not gaining more then 10-15 pounds this winter. Hoping 5-8 of it will be lean muscle. This accomplished a few things….

I feel better

My gains are real

I consisently stay in a muscle building environment

I can see changes in my body or where I need to improve.

It’ll be easier  for me to get leaner when I diet for my Arnold Classic photo shoot in March because I’ll be starting at a leaner point.

All good things

2) I’ll be maintaining my insulin sensitivity all winter. This goes hand in hand with point 1 about staying lean but I’ll be taking advantage of nutrient partitioning by using supplements like r-ala, fish oil and fenugreek to help get those carbs that I eat into my muscle. I’m playing with a few other supplements so be on the look our for a new program where I reveil this little known nutrients that have a BIG effect on your muscle gain and fat loss.

3) I’m going to be more patient with my physique. You can only add so much muscle so fast, especially within a few months when your natural. I’m working on patience in all aspects of my life, especially with my weight gain.

4) I’m not having that many cheat meals. As I right this I’m still on the high of my sugar-laden birthday weekend but this week aside, I don’t really have cheat meals. Just a few strategic refeed meals. If you’d like to know how these strategic refeeds work to help you continually burn fat while maintaining your strength levels during any type of extreme diet, check out Macronutrient Math Made Easy. It’s my exact system. Click the picture to the right

5) I’m focusing on more grassfed meat options. More CLA and BCAA’s. I’ll have a few “regular” meats per week but mostly I’ll be enjoying grassfed meat.

6) I’m really focusing on gut health. Everyone should know that they need to try a digestive enzyme but most never take a probiotic or betaine hcl. Both allow us to absorb and use the nutrients that we actually eat.

7) I’m not “just eating” every single day.

8) Cardio builds muscle, seriously.

9) I’m progressing each workout, you need to do it as well.

10)I’m using less volume in my workout. Volume ISN’T the number one method for muscle growth regardless of what the bodybuilding magazines tell you. I recover better and train harder the next day. The Resurrection Workout is a fantastic example of how using less volume and spending less time in the gym can help you burn fat. Just 15 minute workouts 3 times per week. Click the image to the left for more information.

11) I’m not excepting muscle building or fat loss dogma. Traditional info stinks, push the envelope. Check out this article talking about how leg training DOESN’T equal to more overall muscle growth.

12) No more post workout powders.Protein yes but not with my carbs. I like my current option a lot better 😉

13) I might try a few pre workout “pump” products. Truth be told, I’ve never had the desire to try any of these powders. They are mostly sugar, caffeine (which will give anyone a pump) and harmful chemicals. There are a few amino acids that do work well for more nitric oxide. Why would I use it? Does a pump really equal more growth or strength? We’ll see.

14) By that same breath, GPLC is one of the best 3 supplements I’ve ever taken. It works very well.

15) I’m focusing on improving the size of my arms and shoulders. That’s all you want too right? You can focus and use my exact arm building 12 week workout byclicking the image to the right. It’s as easy as following my workout. Seriously, you, too, can have bigger arms by following my plan.

16) More loaded stretching post workout

17)Really going to hammer my forearms. Think about it, when you’re in a t-shirt, what stands out? Unless you rock super tight t’s or sleeveless ones, it’s your forearms.

18) Less time in the gym results in more growth.

19) I want to get my deadlift close to 500 pounds. At 6’6, I have the perfect limb length to pull some serious weight. It’s my technique that needs tweaking. Technique alone adds about 50 pounds. Here’s a great video for those looking for deadlifting help.

20)Might add some interval training cardio in, depends how the diet goes.

21) Eccentric less training is starting to appeal to me for many reasons.

22)Unilateral barbell training is very powerful.

23) Repeat after me…I need to stretch… I need to stretch

24)Going to add some TRX workouts in on recovery days.

25)You don’t need to eat every 2-3 hours for optimal body composition.

26) I get motivated by facebook and twitter. I never compare myself to others because, after all, you can’t compare yourself to anyone. I’m 6’6, their not, we have different genetics, different joint length, different muscle attachments, different hormone status, different everything. I’m going to “chase me” every day. I do use facebook and twitter for motivation.

If you’ve ever been to the Arnold classic or Mr.Olympia or any big event in your industry/passion  then you know how motivated you are right when you first leave. I use facebook and twitter for that everyday to get pumped.

27) I’m not going to follow some time limit on my workouts. Each session or each training cycle. I’m going to train until I stop progressing then I’ll switch it up.

28) Thank you for reading this site. I’m my goal now more then ever to continue to connect with you and share my passion for what I do. Too many people online today are in it for a big book launch, you know who I mean.The same guys who send you 9 different emails for the same page for you to rush to enter your email for a free report all on the same day. It’s not just about selling products to me. I LOVE talking fitness and nutrition.

So I urge you to subscribe to my youtube channel, friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter. Subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t done so already.

As you can see, I have a interesting mix of articles on this site. Some are very short and just address one topic. Some are insider content for JST Premium members only. Some are questions and answers. Some, like this article, are long. Either way, I’m going to bring it. THANKS for reading

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