4 Conditioning Drills As A Cardio Alternative.TRX exercises and the power wheel push up?

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Almost everyone that attempt to lose bodyfat yearns for cardio alternative conditioning drills. It’s why people are obsessed with UFC workouts, you almost never see a MMA training program that leaves you on the elliptical for 45 minutes. Traditional cardio is boring which is why I love finishing off my workouts with these conditioning drill alternatives especially TRX exercises. Traditional aerobic work has even become less hardcore. It’s actually a lazier response because you can just sit on a bike and pedal as slow as you want. Hey, at least you’re wearing a sweatsuit!

I love sprinting and I think the 40 yard dash is great but unless you live in Arizona or Cali year round, you’re going to run into roadblocks when trying to get your conditioning work in during the winter. Plus, while sprinting is great it’s also freaking boring too if you do it every day. If you’re going to use any of the below mentioned movements, I don’t advise you to do them every day. Four times per week maximum with three times being more ideal.

Conditioning Drills As A Cardio Alternative

TRX Circuits

While I’m not the biggest fan for using TRX movements in your everyday training with the exception of single leg squats and rear deal movement, it works great as a bodypart specific conditioning drill. TRX exercises make a great finisher for lower body plyometric training specifically the glutes since you can get deeper. This is huge because an increased range of motion both increases strength and the caloric deficit from each exercise. They also take stress off of your spine as you don’t use external weight. This is imperative for proper central nervous system movement and nutrition utilization post workout.

Here’s a TRX exercise lower-upper finisher workout

And A TRX  exercise metabolic circuit finisher


Power Wheel Push Up Program

If you’ve always thought of the power wheel push up piece as a late night infomercial piece, you couldn’t be more wrong. I love this tool as a upper body finisher movement that properly integrates both the core and upper body at the same time. While most people just use it for kneetucks this actually is an incredibly effective high rep training tool. You can learn more about it here. Just don’t make the same mistake that I routinely see, you must keep your spine flat or slightly raises as opposed to letting it fall flat. Begin with 5 walk outs per hand.


Sled Work

Training with a sled opens various possibilities for conditioning drills. It can range from strength to strength endurance, it just all depends on the weight and distance used. You can put a belt around your waist, you can drag it or you can pull it. Just don’t do sled pulls before a back workout or sled pushing the day before you train legs. By with your time and distance and work your way up. Start with 30 yard pulls then work up from there.

Here’s my preferred choice of a sled.

If you don’t have access to a sled or train at a commercial gym without one just drink a big bath towel and load up one side with weights. Grab the other side in both hands and drag it. Works better then you think.

Band Resisted Movement

Probably the most well known conditioning drill cardio alternative, band resisted sprinting and movement is brutally effective for anyone looking for a different cardio intensity. You must resist the band pull though. I often see individuals who sprint out against the tension only to allow themselves to fall back. Not going to happen in my world. The alternative are endless. You can do short sprints, you can do double leg hops and you can do lateral movement. All depends on your goal. I like to start my clients with 30 seconds of activity then work up from there. Make sure you have various degrees of tension bands to progress or regress movement as you see fit. You can get my preferred choice of bands here.

What are your favorite cardio alternative conditioning drills? Leave a comment below and “Like” this article

Here’s some reader TRX exercises that I suggest you try

TRX exercises for abs: knee tucks, oblique twists and standing fall out

TRX exercises for arms: Bodyweight TRX extensions, high curls, alternating curls

TRX jackknifes with inverted rows followed up by TRX lower body squats

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