4 Reasons Why You Need Casein Protein

You know that you need protein to meet your macronutrient math or calorie goals . You’ve bought a good whey protein and you eat your chicken but have you tried casein protein?  Here’s a quick look at why you need to think about using casein protein.

Here’s four reasons why casein protein will help you lose fat.

1. More Muscle Saved When Dieting

It could be a low carbohydrate diet or a ketogenic diet but when you diet your goal should be to retain as much muscle as possible. Since your calories are low, it’ll be easier for your body to eat up muscle tissue for energy.

A study done in Boston compared casein protein to whey protein and muscle retention.  Both groups had increased fat loss but the casein group retained more muscle. Casein can help you retain muscle while dieting!

2. Increased fat loss

Casein is high in calcium and recent research has pointed to the idea that greater calcium intake over a 24 hour period lead to improved fat oxidation.  There also appears to be a weird effect that protein has on calcium for improved fat loss.

3. Anti Colon Cancer

Recent research shows that dairy protein is better then soy protein for preventing colon cancer. Can’t hurt to get more health benefits from your protein!

4. It’s a quality protein

When on a bodybuilding contest diet or six pack diet , you must meet your daily protein intake or else you set yourself up for dieting disaster. You’ll lose muscle.

Casein protein also break down slower in our body, thus we have a sustained release of amino acids to keep muscle building processes elevated.

What casein do I use and recommend?

Who else wants to use the best casein protein powder on the market for burning fat and building muscle?

I ONLY use Optimum Nutrition casein protein powder and I highly recommend the chocolate peanut butter flavor.

Click here to try Optimum Nutrition Casein.

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