4 Things To Do Before Bed So You Sleep Better

Lately I’ve been waking up feeling unrested. Probably because I’m so pumped about everything happening with my business, which is a good thing. So I’ve been sitting around thinking about what I could possibly do to ensure that I have a better nights sleep.

I certainly came up with various different theories, some of which will seem “out there” but I digress. Here’s the main four things that I’m going to start doing NOW to optimize my sleep.

1. Establish a strict bedtime routine. Now this can be anything from some stretching to reading nonfiction to breathing techniques, it really doesn’t matter. I need to relax more. Considering that my typical view habits prebed are either WWE Monday Night Raw, Sons of Anarchy, UFC or the UFC playstation game, I’d say it’s a safe bed that I’m just “jacked up” prebed.

So I need to establish a routine that allows me to get a peaceful setting about 30 minutes before I go to bed.

2. I need to cut my fluid intake off at least 2 hours before I plan to go to bed. I typically have a cup of tea (it’s decaff) at about 7 for a 9-10 o’clock bed time. Factor in the water that I’ll have in a shake and you see that I’m up 2 times around the 10 o’clock hour going to bathroom. I need to change this.

3. Put my mind elsewhere. This sort of goes hand-in-hand to point one but I’m so pumped about what I did that day or what I’ll do tomorrow that my emotions are like a roller coaster. I need to just chill, tell myself things will be ok and relax.

4. Throw a sheet over my window. I already sleep in complete and utter darkness. I cover my clock and my cable box but since my bedroom is in the front of the house I usually see headlights from cars all night. I’m going to start throwing a sheet, any color will do for now, up over my window.

So those are four things I’m trying. What about you? Having trouble sleeping? Need any more ideas? Please share below and hit the “like” button on facebook.

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