A diet for cancer:should we limit carbs with cancer?

low carbs and cancer

A recent study in the Nutrition & Metabolism journal examined the role of carbohydrates in cancer patients diets. The goal of the review was to establish if carbohydrates needed to be reduced in people with cancer.

Cancer cells are vastly different then regular cells in that they depends on a steady supply of glucose for their growth and proliferation. Also, chronically high insulin and IGF-1 levels due to carbohydrate consumption are known to encourage cancer cell growth.Combined that with the fact that ketone bodies from extremely low carb diets are not useable by cancer cells and, in mice, ketone bodies have been found to have anti-tumor properties.

Low carbohydrate diets mimic fasting which has beneficial effects on anyone looking to avoid cancer. The researchers concluded what we’ve already known for some time. Cancer patients show increased metabolic syndrome which can be positively effected by a low carb, high fat diet.


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