Advanced Rep Training

One of the more popular (annoying) debates in fitness revolves around which repetition range produces the BEST results. People often confuse optimal with BEST. They assume that they aren’t doing something right or else they’d have all the results in the world.They don’t take into account how building muscle actually takes time, especially if you aren’t training correctly. All workouts aren’t created equally though, there is one rep range that works better.


I never understand the nonsense behind only using one set of rep ranges. It’s the same people that used 4 sets of 10 reps forever and who aren’t growing that act like 5 sets of 5 reps is the best thing ever. No shit. Eat pizza for the first time and tell me if you want to eat anything else again. In reality, you’ve got to expose your body to multiple different rep ranges within the SAME workout to fully fatigue every muscle fiber possible.

That’s how you G-R-O-W…

3 sets of 10 reps:primarily using type II and type I muscle fibers

5 sets of 5 reps:primarily working type IIb muscle fibers

See the problem? For maximum muscle growth you must train the entire muscle fiber spectrum. You have to use lower reps for neural conditioning and you need to use higher reps for muscular endurance and to produce lactate which increases growth hormone and improves body composition since it increases intra workout fat loss.

The notion that a specific rep range is better for one goal than another is a FLAT OUT LIE…..

It’s how you use the rep in relation to the movement and the tempo within EACH workout..

An all encompassing workout….

A while ago I started playing with a workout where I used three specific rep ranges. One that increases strength and neural conditioning. the second that increased muscle size and the third that produced lactate and increased muscular endurance. The trick was that I DIDN’T just slap some low, medium and high rep movements together and call it a day.

And I didn’t just do three different exercises randomly.

No, this was a scientifically based workout to guarantee that I met 3 goals.

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