Arnold Schwarzeneggers Secrets To Success

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2 great videos that I just found about Arnold giving a speech, not sure to who, but it’s a great speech set to his training clips. Great rules that apply to anything.

Makes you think alittle bit doesn’t it? His rules are point on, take from it what you can.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge Arnold fan. To be honest, it didn’t just start from the muscle or the bodybuilding that attracted so many people to him. For me, it was seeing this guy achieve so much. We all have people that tell us that we can’t. I know I did. When I first read “Education of a Bodybuilder” I immediately knew that I needed to learn more. That’s when my Arnold obsession began. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to shake his hand and say “thanks”.

What about Arnold makes you a fan of his?

Is it that you’re a bodybuilders and all bodybuilders are suppose to worship Arnold?

Is it for his achievements?

Is it for his ambition?

What makes your a fan of Arnold?

Part 2

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