Ava Cowan Diet

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Note: I’ve never spoken to Ava. I admire her work ethic and drive. I’ve pieced together this article from her magazine articles and videos.

We’ve already looked at Ava Cowan’s leg workout and there’s various diet articles on this site including a six pack diet, bodybuilding contest diet, ¬†ketogenic diet for weight loss and bodybuilding and fitness model diet but what is ava cowan’s diet?

Ava has admitted that in the past she followed a traditional, restrictive bodybuilding diet eating the same diet foods. She wanted to take her body to another level and learned how to add variety your diet and still lose weight.

She said her recent approach has made for her most tolerable contest diet ever. Anyone that has ever been on a restrictive bodybuilding precontest diet should take note. You don’t have to eat the same bland foods.

Ava Cowan’s diet called for her to calculate her macronutrients and hit her totals. If she did this every day, she would be assured to lose the goal amount of weight that she needed to to be lean. It’s one of the bestfat loss rules.

She was able to implements so many different foods than she typically would of eaten. Not only does this help you to stay on your diet but it takes away that cranky feeling from eating bland foods. Ava cowan felt like her diet took her to another level with her body.

Would you agree? Our next article is going to deal with ava cowan’s cardio workout.

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