Better Than Glucosamine?

Anyone that has ever experienced any type of joint pain or injury has surely tried some time of joint supplement with glucosamine. After all, it’s the most well-known and used supplement to enhance joint health on the market.  But is it the best?  In a quest for the “best” at the current time, a new supplement has peaked my interest.


Bare with me,UC-II or undenatured collagen II has been making some noise in the research world lately. In a head-to-head study, subjects with joint pain were given UC-II or glucosamine and chondroitin, the two “big dogs” of the joint health world.

The subjects had an average age of 58.8 and were assessed on physical function, stiffness and pain in their knees following a 90 day protocol.
The results found that UC-II decreased pain by about 20 %, which was higher than the 6% pain reduction experienced by the glucosamine chondroitin  group.
I should point out that these tests were done at the University of California, which has ties to the company that produces UC-II BUT the science behind UC-II is very solid. The primary form of collagen found in cartilage is type II collagen so it only makes sense to think that it will, in fact, reduce our knee pain.When discussing the specific amino acids found in UC-II the researchers stated that they are  “required for the synthesis and repair of connective tissue throughout the body.” That could be another explanation as to the results.

Can UC-II be the one thing that helps you never have joint pain again? I doubt it but it can greatly help. As can a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods, new exercise patterns and various other joint supplements like  hyaluronic acid.

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  1. admin
    9 years ago

    It is, I’m not sure of the name brand but if you do a quick google search for “califnore university undenatured collagen II” you’ll find it.

  2. baharudeen
    9 years ago

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