Bodyspace & Ironman Bodyspace Model Contest 2010

I was looking through the contestant of the Bodyspace Ironman Model contest and saw a picture of Danny J. Her physique screamed “hard work” so I needed to get your on the site for a interview.

1) So tell us a little bit about you. How did you get into training and modeling? What made you decide to enter the Ironman/Bodyspace model contest?

Well, I started training really in college. I was a gymnastics coach and by chance got into acrobatics and performing. The practices and rehearsals are pretty intense, and from my nutrition knowledge from college, coupled with my intense training, I got ripped! People started commenting that I should compete, but I had no idea what they were talking about. I started looking into it, and a few years later (after becoming a personal trainer) I did my first figure competition in Dec 2006. Shortly after, I competed nationally and started meeting photographers and doing a little more modeling.

I decided to enter the Bodyspace contest LAST year, because I love and the Bodyspace community. I actually made the finals and got to go to LA and shoot at the Ironman Studios. I decided to enter again this year because I feel like I was not at my best last year; physically as well as emotionally, and I’d like to “redeem” myself in a sense. I’ve also changed my look a bit and I’m ready to make 2011 a “New and Improved Danny-J” !!

Also I think I would make a great choice because I am outgoing, and I truly love and I can promote anything that my heart is in.

2) What are you 3 favorite body parts to train and why? Give us a training trick or tip for each.

#1 BACK! I guess it makes me feel strong and powerful. (and its one that I really need to improve) I find it really helps me to have a partner touching the muscles I need to be contracting or squeezing because I think back muscles are hard to isolate and because they are behind you, its hard to watch your form.

#2 LEGS/GLUTES this one is a love/hate. I love lunges because just by really focusing on pushing through your heels, you can make your butt sore for days instead of making the quads burn

#3 SHOULDERS- lateral raises are key to a good shoulder cap. I love watching in the mirror when my shoulders look lean and big

3) Do you ever have a typical “offseason” or do you stay “picture” lean year round? How does your diet vary between the two?

My diet and training stays consistent year round. I love to train and I like to eat the way I do. The only thing that will change is that closer to show time my carb:fat: protein ratios will change and I will add more time to cardio. This year, however, I’m trying to do more diet manipulation.

4) What has been the most frustrating area for you to train? How have you approached it to bust through your plateau?

My back has been frustrating because I don’t “see” the results I want to. I used to only train alone, but now, when I can, I ask a partner to help me with back and make sure I’m REALLY squeezing where I need and using my mind more to focus on it.

5) People get very motivated looking at in-shape people like yourself. How has your social life changed? How have guys responded to you develop a fantastic physique?

I used to work as a bottle server at a nightclub. It was funny to me because I’m definately not a “nightclub person”. I don’t drink and I really don’t love to stay up late to party. So, I used to get asked a lot “How can you work here and not WANT to drink?” well, I just don’t. I had enough “fun” in my teen years. Now that I have a healthier lifestyle (and older!), my body does NOT do well with alcohol and late nights.
So maybe I’m a little boring that way, socially.
Guys respond in different ways; some guys I think, are more intimidated by a girl with muscle, so its not “the look” that everyone finds attractive. Regardless if you like it or not, you definately get looks and asked lots of questions! The main one; “do you work out?”… Duh;)

6) Where can we find out more information out about you?

you can check out my website;
follow me on twitter @dannyjfitness
my FB Fan page
or on the Vitrix Model Team page

thanks for taking the time to learn about me!

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