BPA and your testosterone

Unfortunately, we live in a toxic society. That means that every time you leave your house, or even when you’re in it, your body is being bombarded with toxins and heavy metals. The kind of all killer toxins is known as BPA and it’s stealing your testosterone.
I had to tell you this quick story….
A few years ago,  a top research college ( the University of Cincinnati actually)  did a study on a nasty little toxin that was wrecking havoc on the testosterone of makes 25-40.
(scary…I know..but it gets worse)
The researchers were SHOCKED to find that most men were exposed to an average of 4,000 mcg’s of the xenoestrogen BPA  per day…
This is 4,000 mcg’s of a testosterone robbing toxin, a waste product that was just backing up in their bodies day after day…
Most of the toxin’s came from something that every single one of us faces on a daily basis: our food
Do you ever…
  1. Find yourself really tired, for the rest of the day, after your workout
  2. Feel sore for days
  3. Feel down right exhausted day after day
  4. Have trouble sleeping?  (this is a VERY big sign of toxic build up)
  5. Have stubborn body fat that just won’t budge?
If so, you should probably watch this video…
Here’s the facts: If you continually expose yourself to this toxin, through plastic bottles, eating commercial meats or 100’s of other ways we’re exposed to BPA, you’re going to keep adding body fat
When you’re testosterone levels dip because of BPA exposure you’re just breaking your body down quicker and quicker…
In case you’ve been wondering why you’re not shedding bodyfat fast enough then you might want to increase your testosterone
Here’s the COOL part though…
Once you start putting certain foods, like high dose green tea or grass fed meat into your body, you’ll NATURALLY EAT LESS. That’s right, naturally. No starving…no fretting over having to stop eating. Your body will be able to use your food better.
Just like magic, your body fat will start slowly disappearing without all that “dieting”.
Not only that but you can put an end to your restless nights, sore joints, fatigue or lack of energy. No kidding, I can count on one hand the number of clients who still had a hint of those issues after I fixed their testosterone.
Jimmy Smith
P.S-If you want a hyper quick way to watch this free video on how to raise your testosterone naturally then just clickty-clak this video below

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