BPA Plastic Danger

There’s an enemy in your kitchen and it’s freakin’ mean.

You bump into him everyday and you don’t know that you’re suppose to be afraid but you should be shook. There’s a HUGE amount of mounting research that shows that our everyday plastic containers (including our shaker cups) are a big time BPA plastic no-no.

Here’s a cool chart showing how certain disease have risen over the years because of BPA exposure. Insulin resistance is up 20!


What’s BPA?

Bisphenol A is a chemical used in the making of plastic containers and cups that can leach onto your food or drink and cause danger. A 2008 study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people with the highest levels of BPA were twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease and diabetes than people with lower levels.

So you train hard, eat clean and want to get ripped but can’t. Well now you see a potential “why”.

It doesn’t stop there

Here’s another chart showing how BPA modulates our normal hormonal development


BPA plastic is also becoming another big time bad guy (almost as bad as Skeletor). Once BPA plastic is in your body it acts like estrogen (not good for dudes or fit chicks). Studies are beginning to show hormonal issues in females including harsh reproductive damages.


In fact the endocrine society came out and said that even the lowest levels may cause reproductive damage. Crazy right?

So here’s how you deliver the knockout blow to BPA plastic.

  1. Keep your food in stainless steel lunch boxes or organic cotton.
  2. Drink your shakes out of stainless steel bottles.
  3. When using the microwave, cover your dishes with a glass lid. PVC in plastic is known to wreck your immunity and hormones.
  4. Don’t use plastic cutting boards. Go old school with wood.
  5. Speaking of food, use a wooden spoon and wooden forks,knives and spoons. Anyone remember being afraid of a wooden spoon as a kid?s_wooden-spoon
  6. Don’t nuke plastic. Get used to using a glass or ceramic dish
  7. When using plastic make sure to let your food cool before you place your food into the plastic container. The cooler the food the less chance of having the plastic leach.
  8. Check your plastic bottle and only drink from a 2,4 or 5 bottle. That means it’s BPA free.

Boys and girls, this is seriously a issue regardless of how you feel. The center for disease control has estimated that 93 percent of American have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies.  I’m off to drink a ton of green tea!

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  1. admin
    9 years ago

    Green tea and broccoli are excellent. Look into a natural supplement called DIM as well.

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