Brown Fat Found In Humans

This is extremely cutting edge stuff….

Brown fat has been found in humans (not just babies and animals like we had previously thought).

As a matter of fact, you have a right to question “brown fat”, most do. Recent research has blown the lid on this new type of fat found in humans. Brown fat weight loss is substantily different than regular weight loss. Before we get into how to target and burn brown fat, we need to understand what it is.

The New England Journal Of Medicine (NEJM)  has recently published three different research studies, done on HUMANS, that details this ground breaking type of fat.

Here’s what the NEJM found…

Brown fat is active fat. It stores or burns fat based on your metabolism. When active, it rapidly produces a hormone involved in whole body fat loss.

Here’s the good part though..

The more brown fat that you have, the better you may be. The more brown fat that you have  the better your body  will be able to produce heat and burn calories.

The more brown fat that you can activate directly relates to your own control over how much fat you want to burn. So the leanest people have the most active brown fat.

The NEJM has concluded that people with low amounts of active brown fat have a “freezer” type of metabolism.  These individuals don’t burn fat efficiently , when they eat food the majority of the food (regardless of the composition of the food) eaten gets stored as body fat.

The research has concluded that people on  diets as low in calories as 600 calories per day still were not able to burn fat. They still can’t burn fat at 600 calories per day!

Now the people with a lot of active brown fat have a “furnace” type of metabolism that allows them to burn body fat rapidly and the more they consume the more they burn. These individuals have a easy time maintaining their body weight.

Now how do we burn brown fat? We will get into that tomorrow but until then, pay attention if you eat a big meal today. Does your body get warm or cold after you eat the meal?

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  1. Sallie
    8 years ago

    Does my body get warm or cold..I have never actually paid attention, but will from now on..thanks.

  2. myron romero
    8 years ago

    love this article cant wait till tomorrow. Leave it to Jimmy to find stuff you would never think was important.

  3. Gerred
    8 years ago

    Warm. I’ve noticed that after I eat, my I get warm (sometimes my ears get hot too).

  4. Peter
    8 years ago

    Great article. I’ve always felt a little bit warmer after eating a meal but assumed that was due to the extra cellular activity occurring as my body took in nutrients and began different metabolic processes.

    This really is cutting edge stuff. Great article.

  5. Frank
    8 years ago

    Intimately, the post is actually the sweetest on this worthw hile topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and definitely will eagerly look forward to your incoming updates. Saying thanks can not just be enough, for the extraordinary clarity in your writing. I can ideal away grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Solid work and also much success in your business dealings!

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