Can I Workout With Sore Muscles


The soreness of your muscles is one of the main problems when you are just new in performing exercises or you are just trying new exercise routines. Muscle soreness is also called as DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. Because of this condition, there are individuals who are asking “can I workout with sore muscles”? In connection with this, you need to know some important information leading to the solution of your query.

Can I workout with sore muscles?

Cause of DOMS
During your course of exercise, there is muscle soreness for a short term basis which can stimulate workout pain. Because of the presence of the soreness of your muscles, it will facilitate secretion of lactic acid. This is a substance which acts as protection system in order for you to stop the exercise causing the muscle soreness. The DOMS usually happens in the next 12 up to 48 hours. There are some scientists and experts stating that this is triggered because of the muscle tearing. Due to this muscle tearing, this leads to the inflammation of your muscles. There are instances wherein people who do not feel workout pain may still develop DOMS.
Working Out With Soreness- What Will Happen?
“Can I workout with sore muscles” is among of the concerns of many people. But before you understand the information about this, you have to be aware that muscle soreness will usually subside after three to seven days. Based from Sid Hsu, there are so many ways for you to heal your muscles. However, you can aggravate your condition once you will work out before the muscle soreness will disappear. There are so many options when it comes to reducing the discomfort of your muscles. Example of this is massage as well as stretching. Because of restoring the proper circulation of blood to your muscle brought by these methods, it will facilitate healing of your muscle fibers. There are also pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications that will help you in this case.
Precautionary Measures
There are some precautionary measures available for you in order to decrease or completely eliminate muscle soreness. During your workout, you have to avoid or even reduce fast movements and routine changes. Aside from that, you must also do warming up exercises. These exercises will condition your muscles in order to avoid possible stress. Aside from that, you must also adapt cool-down exercises in order to reduce the tension happening in your muscles. Just in case you are just a beginner in exercising, you have to start with less complex routines to avoid DOMS.
Susceptibility to DOMS
If you are just starting with your exercise routines, you are very susceptible to DOMS. Moreover, you are also prone to this condition when you are performing highly complex exercise routines. But when your muscles are already used to it, it will already adjust to the routines. So the next time that you will do the workout, you will not anymore feel muscle soreness. Just in case you are experiencing muscle soreness lasting for one week already, you have to seek for medical consultation immediately. There might be some other problems that must be addressed. So if you are asking “Can I workout with sore muscles?” these are the information you have to know.

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