Carbohydrate Tolerance-Faster Fat Loss And Bigger Muscles

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You know one of the biggest things that irks me in the physique and bodybuilding field is that everyone thinks we need to improve carbohydrate tolerance for fat loss and fat loss alone. Sure it’s important and we’re not going to lose fat if we can’t handle our carbs but most people lose focus on the muscle building benefits of improved carbohydrate tolerance.


First, let’s look at insulin sensitivity. More or less, this refer to how receptive a specific tissue is to insulin. If the tissue has a high sensitivity then it will respond well to insulin. If it doesn’t then it won’t. You want insulin to be able to do its job to change your body but it’s not the only thing we’re concerned with.

But carbohydrate tolerance is a different thing, we need to stop handcuffing carbohydrates to insulin.  Think of your muscle as a empty bucket. Once we first start to pour water into the bucket, it will fill up. But once that water hit the brim of the bucket then it start to “spill over” a.k.a increase the changes for fat gain.

If our carbohydrate tolerance is high then our insulin levels won’t be sky high.

Why do we care about carb tolerance?

The biggest reason is that it gives us a margin for error. You don’t honestly think that you can consume carb meal after carb meal and not get fat right? So the times that we may consume too many carbs won’t effect us negatively.

So it’s no surprise that we want to focus on our diet and training. That’s a given. If we deplete muscle glycogen (through training) and reduce the incoming amounts (through our diet) our overall glycogen levels are lower.

How to get rid of carbs and bodyfat

Obviously the easiest way is to just reduce the total amount of carbohydrate sin our diet so that our resting muscle glycogen levels are lower overall. It’s a simple explanation but eat less today and you can eat more tomorrow. You’ve created more space.

This is where the topic of refeeding comes in. Push more glycogen into your muscles on specific days and maintain or improve muscle size while losing bodyfat.

Now you see why bodybuilders have done split session of weights and cardio forever. They may have not even known it. Train hard so you deplete muscle glycogen then train hard again with your cardio at another time and deplete muscle glycogen further. Simple enough.


We make dieting too complex. Here’s a simple 7 day plan to follow,

Days 1-Get Rid Of Your Carbs

AM-Weight training

PM-20-30 minutes of interval training

Carbohydrates are kept under 150 grams

Days 2-5

AM-Weight training

PM-20 minutes of interval training follow by 10 minutes of low intensity walking.

Carbohydrate intake is kept under 200 grams

Days 6-7

Only train with weights on today.

Carbohydrate intake is around 400-600 grams per day.

You see and you thought that losing weight was complex.

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  1. Mike
    8 years ago

    How many times do you follow this diet. Do you do it like every month or once.
    Also is the weight loss permanent

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