cheat meal when dieting

It’s a cheat day! You’re been losing fat and following a strict diet all week, now’s your time to let loose and eat whatever you want. So what’s it going to be?

Before you order the pizza, buffalo wings and fries, think about what you’re doing.

You’ve trained all week and worked your butt off. You’ve weighed your food and followed a strict fat loss diet.

You want delicious food, I can’t blame you but a cheat meal that big can wreck your progress.

I know you’ve seen it online, people taking about these legendary cheat meals and I know it seems appealing but you can literally lose a weeks worth of work with one meal.

I’ve known of people on various performance enhancing drugs that can eat boxes of donuts every few days and still get contest ripped. These are the same people that look great so people trust their knowledge.

What does a typical cheat meal look like for me? Now I don’t have one every single week, I’ll take it when I feel I need it.

I may get a medium sized pizza or have a few large pizza slices. Then I’ll have ice cream for dessert. That’s about it, it’s not that large of a meal.

So what happens when you have this large cheat meal? For starters, you’re always better off with large carbohydrate cheat meals, as they’ll refill muscle glycogen first and are less likely to store body fat then a fat based meal. So go with a large spaghetti meal, some bread and a bag of preztels. This also will down regulate leptin, which is a nasty hormone that increases our appetite.

What about if you have the pizza and wings?  Leptin isn’t affected, so you’ll be hungry for non-diet foods when you wake up the next morning and you’ve shut off your fat burning.

A large cheat meal just isn’t worth it.

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