Chelation therapy with minerals for health and fat loss

Q: I’ve often seen you recommend chelated forms of minerals such as zinc glycinate chelate and magnesium glycinate chelate, why is chelation therapy important and are their side effects?

A: It’s important that we get daily amounts of essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium and calcium for proper muscle, nerve and insulin function.Minerals, like many other supplements, seem to be stuck in the 80’s however. I routinely see people looking for or recommending calcium citrate or magnesium citrate. Those old minerals are laxatives, they do nothing for improving your energy or metabolism.


These cheap forms are not highly bioavailable and are not properly absorbed and often cause stomach discomfort. Forms like zinc or magnesium oxide or citrate are terrible choices especially when you consider other highly effective alternatives.Chelation therapy, like the kind I recommend in my White Plains New York or Stamford, Connecticut offices, identifies the process by which minerals become organic and are suspended between two amino acids or peptides, such as magnesium and glycinate (from the amino acid glycine).


The top chelation therapy minerals are often found in amino acids, vitamin c and even hydrolyzed protein. Chelation improves the absorption of the mineral during the digestion process. Chelation therapy works by binding and removing the extra heavy metals found in your body.While some will advise you to use different forms of chelated minerals, I suggest you start with one and work up to two forms daily then three forms as your situation improves or worsens. There are various uses for chelation therapy in numerous health issues such as heart disease, autism and anxiety.

For athletic performance, more minerals absorbed means greater nerve control and muscle relaxation. A more relaxed muscle can better stretch and contract as well as produce force.

Unfortunately chelation therapy is quite expensive and time consuming. After all, you have to find a qualified medical professional that is willing to give you a IV drip at least once per week. While I will never lie and tell you that taking pills is as effective as an IV drip, you can see some pretty impressive results following the below protocol that I use with my clients. You MUST use the supplements I recommend, however, as there specific amino acid bonds allow better absoprtion.

400 mg’s of magnesium glycinate: Daily

50 mg’s of zinc glycinate:Daily

Bromelian: 1-2 pils per day


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