China Study Criticism

The China Study is an extremely popular book that came out in 2005 by professor T.Colin Campbell. The book contains Campbell’s conclusions about his research into the relationhip between food and health.

Here’s where my China Study Criticism begins. You can sum the book up as saying that protein is bad, animal protein is horrible for you, vegans eat the best and you can live forever and get every vitamin possible from plants.

Vegans and vegetarians use this book to show that their ways are healthier than every other possible way to live. The only people that really argue for The China Study are vegans.

The book uses hand picked, one sided data to prove the authors point. Little known fact, Campbell is associated with Physicians for Responsible Medicine, which is a vegan group!

Anyone with a research background knows that Campbell is just spinning the research to support his personal beliefs.For example, Campbell goes on and on about the health benefits of Vitamin D, yet he tells you that you shouldn’t eat foods that contain any cholesterol. Well you need cholesterol to synthesize Vitamin D.

Another China Study Criticism that I have is the suggestion that we all should consume high carbohydrate diets. High carbohydrate diets have been linked to multiple diseases from type 2 diabetes to high blood pressure to heart attacks to cancer. So how he can recommend such a low protein, high carbohydrate diet is beyond me.

Listen, as I’ve said before. I believe in eating grass fed beef. I 100% trust and enjoy grass fed beef and meat from La Cense, which was the 1st USDA approved grass fed program to use non hormone treated cattle, no antibiotics, no animal by-products or growth hormone.

In a addition, any six pack diet, bodybuilding diet or just a healthy diet in general should include wild caught fish, omega-3 fish oil, vegetables and fruits, low sugar yogurts and whole grains.

I also believe in knowing your macronutrient math, which allows you to eat a variety in your diet while losing fat, improving your health and building muscle.

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  1. vimre
    8 years ago

    Hi Jimmy. I am not vegetarian and did not read this book.But live in tne mediterann area in Europe. And interested if you remember which research found that “High carbohydrate diets have been linked to multiple diseases from type 2 diabetes to high blood pressure to heart attacks to cancer” when the carbohydrate came from nonprocessed vegetable and fruit? This point you should clear up for your readers not to be confused with processed food high carbohydrate diet. According to my knowledge all researches around the world are saying that the nonprocessed version is the healthiest diet for humans, there are only small differences what percentage of proteins shuld be vegetable or meat protein. I mean diet for health not diet for body building.

  2. Michelle
    8 years ago

    Dr. Campbell is liked to the Physicians for responsible medicine because he is also vegan??? So what! He was grew up on a dairy farm eating meat and potatoes and truely belived that a meat and dairy diet was the best thing for people. He accidently stumbled on research in India suggesting otherwise. Thru research and the most intensive study ever on diet and health his conclusions are a vegan diet is healtiest. As a Registered Nurse that works with rheumatology patients and Osteoprosis patients……gee guess what I am not vegan but I will tell you high animal protein diets cause inflamation, high cholesterol, heart disease, colon cancer, Osteoprosis, antibiotic resistance, and autoimmune disease. I agree a diet very low in meat and fish is best for most americans for improvement but a vegan diet is best! Did you read the book? animal protien may grow muscles but it also grows potential cancer cells in our bodies.

  3. Angela
    8 years ago

    Michelle, meat doesn’t cause cancer or heart disease because people have always ate plenty of meat and these diseases were rare.

    Also, many studies show that high meat diets do not cause cancer, but the contrary is true.

  4. Angela
    8 years ago

    also see what Dr.Price had to say about meat. There is nothing healthier for us.

    Would you tell a cow to stop eating grass?

    Just not logical and certainly not normal and natural for humans to not eat meat.

  5. Barbara
    8 years ago

    As Angela wrote, it makes no sense that the explosion in cancer over the last 50 years or so is “caused” by meat consumption. With all due any moral argument one wants to make, as a scientific argument, it’s suspect.

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