chris evans captain america workout

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chris evans captain america workout has started to generate a lot of buzz online because of the incredible shape that Chris has gotten himself into. What was his captain america workout like?

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The goal for a superhero is to be agile, strong and muscular so the captain america workout has to consist of plyometrics, bodyweight exercises and strength training. This brings up an interesting point. Chris must have done a lot of the “big 3” movements such as deadlifts, bench presses, shoulders presses and squats.

These movements build the most muscle but also increase your metabolism so you burn more fat. The chris evans workout for captain america also consisted of a high volume of bodyweight exercises. This allows Chris to move quick and maintain his balance so that he doesn’t get hurt during the filming of captain america.Chris has to gain weight and get big arms.

Captain America in the comics had wide shoulders¬†and muscular abs so TRX workouts were in without a doubt used since they build muscular shoulders like gymnasts. ¬†Here’s a Captain America bodyweight workout routine and what it would look like.

1.Prisoner Squats

2. T-Push ups

3. Reverse Lunges

4. Jump Lunges

5. 100 meter sprints

Rest 60 seconds then repeated twice more.

The Captain America Chris Evans workout consisted of various high intensity movements as they burn more fat as opposed to the traditional form of cardio that is slow and boring.

Here’s a great video that shows what type of strength training routine that was used for the Chris Evans Captain America Workout

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