Coffee Makes You Fat-Coffee And Insulin Sensitivity

So your morning cup of joe is now going to kill you sooner. That’s what some would like you to believe. There had been recent reports saying that coffee impaired insulin sensitivity but not so fast my friends.

Caffeine increase the catecholamines, which are hormones that aid in fat burning. Adrenaline, which is a catecholamine, increase free fatty acid mobilization from fat cell. Dopamine, another catecholamine, increases your feeling of well being. Since adrenaline is so high due to our coffee, in the short term, we actually increase our insulin resistance, which isn’t good. That’s how you get back fat my friends.

If you’re insulin resistant, you can’t breakdown fat or store your nutrients in muscle as easy. Here’s the issue though, when you’re dieting your not eating extra calories so insulin resistance isn’t bad. When you’re eating a bunch of calories it is. Not only have individuals used coffee for the caffeine and its performance enhancing benefits for years but there’s also research showing that coffee may lower your chance of getting type II diabetes. I know a few people that drink it with a stick of cinnamon for the cinnamon diabetes connection.

Lastely, the coffee bean has various antioxidant benefits. So in short, drink a cup or two a day and don’t worry about it.

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