Crossfit Football: Are football crossfit workouts a good idea?

Crossfit for sports training has slowly started to become a more discussed topic online then just the idea of Crossfit training as a whole. With Crossfit for football becoming so popular, is a good idea or an injury waiting to happen?

Crossfit for sports training and football:my personal experience

Before I jump into functional anatomy and program design, both of which dedicate how a successful sports training program is design, I first want to talk about my personal experiences with Crossfit, specifically three instances because I’m pretty sure these are examples of why some of the more traditional strength coaches and trainers hate it.

  1. I used to work at a very well known sports therapy and movement clinic in my area. This goes back to around 2006, right when cross fit was just starting to hit big in the general public who were looking for a change. A local Crossfit owner built a relationship with the clinic in hopes of getting referrals and he was sending his injured clients, from Crossfit, to get treated. Every single day I saw new injuries which I didn’t see with bodybuilders or powerlifters or the general population.
  2. Some of the local Crossfit instructors are borderline arrogant. Some are well known and instead of continually educating themselves they become no worse then the local trainer or outdated,old doctor or therapist. One way is the best and when you present them with valid science and imperial evidence they get angry.
  3. The majority of the local general population that swear by Crossfit (some have argued with me) look terrible. Sure, there are the few who tighten up their diet and are blessed with genetics but if Crossfit was so much better then traditional training, why are you still chubby?

Crossfit for sports training & football:functional anatomy and program design

One of the basic mission statements of Crossfit is that it doesn’t specialize in specialization. As they put it, “it’s general physical preparedness training”. So in their basic mission statement they are telling you that they are great at giving you a general workout but won’t specialize toward your needs. I’d really be fine if some weren’t saying Crossfit can work for sports or football but they are telling us that they won’t specalize.

There is a random aspect to Crossfit that is just unaccpetable  as a solution for increasing athletic performance. Known as WOD or Workout of the Day, athlete might have a workout that looks like this on Monday

Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
10 L-Pull-ups
15 Back Extension with 25 pound plate
20 Sit-ups with 25 pound plate

The WOD on Day 2 might be

Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:

Run 800 meters
15 Hang squat snatch
Run 800 meters
15 Squat snatch from mid-thigh
Run 800 meters
15 Squat snatch

Where’s the program design there besides throwing something up on board? What are we training? That workout might be performed by a football player and a hockey player at the same time. Well, I guess the hockey player can go back to his team and say that he worked out with a football player all summer. Let’s not even mention how the L pull ups drastically increase your risk of potential low back herination (more on that later) but you go from extreme back extension to extreme flexion then follow it up with more back extension and a greater range of motion flexion with the sit ups.

Now where is the flexibility and hip mobility work for my hockey player? The pull-up certainly isn’t helping his shoulder external rotation on his “off” arm and it’s defiantly not giving him more stability in his shooting arm where he has more then normal range of motion due to his shot frequency.

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