Curcumin, Quercetin & Fish Oil To Detox And Prevent Cancer

I’ve been taking and advocating the use of curcumin as a supplement and topping for your chicken, it comes from the spice tumeric which makes mustard yellow, for about a year now. Not only can it potentially help joint pain but it also has been shown to have numerous anti-cancer properties (1-4). But a new study sheds light on a combination of 3 strong, natural supplements for helping your body kick an important detox phase into overdrive.

A new study in the Nutrition and Cancer (5) describes how taking curcumin, quercetin and EPA together may kickstart  important phase II (the harder detoxification phase for your body) enzymes in your intestines.

In summary, enhancement of the detoxification capacity by low dose of the potential anticarcinogens curcumin, quercetin, or EPA seems only a minor factor in explaining their anticarcinogenic properties.


What is quercetin? Well it’s a plant nutrient with a whole host of benefits ranging from fighting common allergies to reducing bad cholesterol to regulating and shutting down cancer cells.

The third nutrient, EPA is a component of fish oil. I’ve blogged often about the benefits of high dose omega-3’s.

So this sounds like you’ve got something new to add in each morning to my daily detox in the video below.  400 mg’s of curcumin twice per day, 250 mg’s of quercetin three times per day and upwards of 3 grams of EPA during the course of the day.


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