Cure Sciatica Pain With Nutritional Supplements

I know that you probably want to cure sciatica pain. Most people do, it hurts! Did you know that you can improve your sciatica pain with nutritional supplements?

In a random, double blind trial, 64 patients between ages 29-85 with short term or moderate back ache and sciatica were either given 1180 mg’s of Acetyl-L-Carnitine or 600 mg’s of ALA daily for 60 days. Researchers measured ┬áthe neuropathy symptoms and change in the lower limb. Both treatments produced significant improvements from baseline in neuropathy at day 60.

The ALA group showed greater improvements in curing sciatica pain then the ALCAR group. 71% of the ALA reported a decreased need for pain killers while 45.5% of the ALCAR group reported a decreased need for pain killers. Great natural way to cure sciatica pain.

What are the best and most effective ALA and ALCAR products on the market today?

Here’s my top 2 picks

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