Diet Vs Cardio-What’s Better For Fat Loss?

I’m lazy…..

I hate cardio…..

My philosophy on dieting goes like this…..

diet_vs_cardio(Don’t Be That Guy)

Create the biggest caloric deficient that you can from your weight training, followed by your diet then tighten up your diet more then do cardio.

So why do I do it like that? Why do I try to keep my cardio out of my training? Simply put, it’s boring. Look at it this way, you only have three things that you can do lose fat. You can train with weight, diet and do cardio. Why do all three at once? Why not progressively add and subtract?

If I tighten up my diet a few times and still lose fat do I even need to do cardio? No, but they’ll come a point where my fat loss stops.

So isn’t that a better time to add cardio then? What’ll happen if you add cardio at the beginning? You’ll end up losing more fat at first, sure but what happens when you hit a plateau with that? You’ll need to increase your cardio AND decrease your calories.

We’re not talking about getting skinny,we’re talking about getting ripped. Which means that you need to maintain your muscle. Anyone can get ripped but lose their muscle. So what’s more effective? Diet or cardio?

Effect of calorie restriction with or without exercise on body composition and fat distribution.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2007 Jan 2

One group did aerobic cardio and dieted and the other group just dieted.

The cardio group did 5 aerobic sessions per week with a average of 50 minutes per session for 24 weeks.

The end result?  The aerobic plus diet group did not lose any additional weight or fat loss over the diet alone group.

People that dieted lost the same weight that people who dieted and did 50 minutes of cardio 5 days per week.

Compare this to numerous studies that show the benefits of high intensity cardio and why  slow cardio stinks. Research has proven that when you do high intensity cardio you get additional fat loss effects. This is another slap in the face to low intensity cardio.

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  1. Vinesh Panditpotra
    9 years ago

    For Cardio, I recommend HIIT, and there is no cardio VS Diet, you need both of them to be really damn tight otherwise the results will be slow or for the worse.

  2. rob
    8 years ago

    Isn’t the combination of the 2 the best? I mean, you can only burn so much fat unless you want to stay on a treadmill 24 hours a day…lol. In theory, you could pump more calories into your body then you could even burn. So my vote goes for cardio with a sensible diet.

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