Discover The Benefits Of Vitamin E

benefits of vitamin E

Discover The Enormous Health Benefits Of Vitamin E

Vitamin E has long been one of the most popular and highly rated vitamin supplements on the market simply because it is an amazing supplement with a tremendous amount of benefits. Since it’s a critical member of your bodies natural antioxidant system* it makes sense to never go an extended period of time without your vitamin E.

It’s not just an antioxidant, however. Did you know that Vitamin E also plays a vital role in

  • Promoting a healthy heart*
  • Increasing your respiratory health*
  • Reducing menstrual pain*
  • Encourages normal circulation*
  • Promotes a positive prostate and breast environment*
  • Potentially reduces or eliminates hot flashes*

The exciting news about Vitamin E today is that the general public is finally starting to realize how potent the various strands of Vitamin E really are!

The latest clinical research is looking into the entire family of Vitamin E, known as tocopherols. Mixed tocopherols, like the brand that I recommend here, represents 4 different forms of Vitamin E that provide 400 IU’s of natural beta, delta and gamma tocopherols. Understanding each compound is very important when determining which brand of Vitamin E is right for you.

A Summary Of  Vitamin E

  • Our body needs Vitamin E for a productive life-it’s essential!
  • While the RDA for Vitamin E is a low 30 IU’s daily, the average American diet supplies even less of it due to our current agricultural landscape. The world renown Life Extension Foundation recommend 250-300 IU’s per day while Vitamin E researcher and author Dr.Evan Shute recommends 300 IU’s daily for women and 600 IU’s daily for men!
  • Since Vitamin E is fat soluble, it should be taken with foods and other fats.
  • Vitamin E is necessary for the prevention of omega 3 fatty acid oxidation.
  • According to Dr. Shute, inorganic iron might destroy Vitamin E.

Natural vs Synthetic Vitamin E

Don’t be fooled, your body can tell the difference between Natural Vitamin E and Synthetic E. Natural Vitamin E is a single molecular compound found in abundance in nature while synthetic E is the natural version plus 7 man made compounds. If you walk into your local vitamin store they’ll attempt to sell you dl-alpha-tocopherol. I DO NOT recommend this.

According to the head of the National Research Council in Canada, Dr. Graham Burton, the body responds vastly different to synthetic E.  Natural E is absorbed….

  • In your brain 5 times more then synthetic E
  • In your red blood cells .6 times more
  • In your lunges 2.6 times more
  • In your blood plasma 2.4 times more
  • In your heart 1.9 times more
  • In your muscles 1.7 times more

There is even a theory that states that as your body tries to recycle the natural E, which is normal, that the synthetic versions block this recycling!

The Benefits Of Alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E

The most popular form of Vitamin E with a large amount of benefits, alpha tocopherol is the most plentiful source of Vitamin E in our body and is the also the most effective form for increasing our chances of reproduction! Our body can also tell if we’ve ingested alpha tocopherol versus the other versions!

What You Need To Know about Gamma Tocopherol!

The most abundant form of Vitamin E found in the average American Diet, Gamma Tocopherol plays a key role in maintaining cellular health since it can attack nitrogen-based free radicals. This is why Vitamin E is so important for anti-aging with the baby boomer crowd. Sadly, most of the commercially available Vitamin E’s do not contain Gamma Tocopherol!

Recent literature shows that Gamma Tocopherol can keep males prostate cells healthy. There is also a growing body of research that illustrates how taking too much of the Alpha Tocopherol version can decrease our bodies Gamma Tocopherol storage.

A study on females showed that the women who used Gamma Tocopherol had better breast health then females that did not use that form of Vitamin E.

The only concern you should have about using a Vitamin E supplement is taking too much of Alpha Tocophernol and not balancing it with the Gamma version.

An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study showed how gamma tocopherol may actually encourage a health immune system response. Alpha tocopherol did not show the same response.

Our colon health may also depend on ingesting enough Gamma Tocopherol since our body excretes it through bile which then coats the colon to prevent poly growth.

Alpha, Gamma and Delta tocopherol, like the brand I recommend here, may also play a role in inhibiting C reactive protein inflammatory markers. C reactive protein plays a role in everything from joint pain to cancer growth!

While human clinical trials are just starting to show how important Gamma tocophernol supplementaion is, we’ve known for a while that nuts promote heart health and nuts are bountiful in Gamma tocopherol.

Why Jimmy’s Vitamin E Are The Preferred Choice

Most vitamins E’s are based in soybean oil, which is NOT the preferred method of extraction and storage. Jimmy’s Recommend Vitamin E contains NO milk, egg, fish, peanuts, crustacean shellfish (lobster, crab, shrimp), soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, gluten, corn, or rice. Contains NO sugar, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives. This ensures both probably absorption and nutrient delivery. Plus Jimmy’s Recommend Vitamin E is fortified with Sesame Lignans that has been proven to increase the antioxidant effects of Gamma Tocophernol.

At just $18.00 for 250 enhanced softgels, you can’t afford to not have this SUPER vitamin in your daily diet!

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