Do You Have To Cycle Creatine?

Do you have to cycle creatine? Is creatine more effective when you cycle it? These are some of the popular questions surrounding creatine.

One of the more popular muscle building and fat loss supplements, creatine is also one of the most heavily studied supplements in years. We know it’s safe and works wonders! I even have clients take it on a muscle building diet or a six pack diet.

The only question that surrounds it, however, is if you should cycle it.

Is there a need to cycle creatine?

From a health perspective, there is not. Creatine is actually being shown to be a very potent antioxidant.

Is there a time period when cycling creatine that will help to make it more effective when you go back on?

There’s very little research to support this but the research we have shows that you need about a month when you cycle creatine.

What’s Jimmy’s take on why it’s recommended that you cycle creatine?

The research shows us that our creatine receptors may become down regulated over time in addition to intramuscular levels of creatine declining over time.

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