Don’t Eat Carbohydrates At Night

Was looking around online recently and came across a popular discussion forum. Mostly made up of “fitness experts”, this community was having a discussion on what they feel are the diet approaches. To put it nice, I got annoyed really quick with these dumb diet recommendations.

To lose fat you can’t eat carbohydrates after X time.

If you want improved fat loss, stop believing this old, played out and dumb recommdation. You have to think of food as energy, energy that has to meet what you put out that day.

Carbohydrates don’t make you fat, too much food makes you fat.

What about people that train at night? They’ll certainly need to eat carbs then in order to recover. See how it’s not some blanket statement?

In a controlled diet, like Macronutrient Math Made Easy, you can eat whatever kind of carbohydrates that you like. Provided that they are controlled properly. Don’t just fall for some foolish recommendation.

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