Dose Dependent Dieting

With the new year upon us and the barrage of fitness and bodybuilding weight loss marketing in full swing I’ve come to the realization more then ever that those who look or should look like they know what their doing, might really not.

The traditional stance in dieting is what?

You shouldn’t eat certain foods or certain foods are better for enhancing our metabolic rate then others.

Green tea raises your metabolism but it won’t get you ripped. It has a minimal, at best, effects on improving body composition. It is, however, one of the healthiest things on earth and you should consume lots of it. I aim for 4 cups per day but recent research on colon cancer shows a drastic reduction in reappearance of colon polyphs at 8-10 cups.

Just making a point, what’s healthy for us, like whole grains, may not improve our body composition.

Artificial Sweeteners

Trans Fats

Regular Soda

White Flour


What do all of the above foods have in common?

(What could I possible know about getting lean?)

1) They aren’t healthy for us.

2) They are major “no-no’s” in traditional dieting recommendations.

3) You can get as lean as you want while consuming them.

Hold on….

I’m not recommending that you eat those foods. I avoid them but it has NOTHING to do with my dieting methods. They aren’t healthy for us but looking at it with a dose dependent view, we see that they aren’t as bad for us as we think.

I’ve said it over and over again, there’s nothing structurally different between a Snickers bar and brown rice. Yet the epitome of leanness, professional bodybuilders and models, praise brown rice like it has some magical properties.

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Brown rice is more nutrient dense then a Snickers but  be honest, almost no one, besides those teaching it, preach eating nutrient dense foods on a diet. The general public and traditional bodybuilding circles speak in absolutes.

I communicate with many top models and bodybuilders weekly and I’ve seen diet plans personally from top bodybuilding diet coaches, if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results then I have NO idea what their doing.

So how do they get SO lean?  Iron will+ hard work+ goal setting+strict low calorie diet adherence+ potential anabolic aids=very lean body.

If you committed to the first four, you’d look damn good too.

Digestion and its enzymes are a vastly complex system.

Your body only recognizes protein, carbohydrates and fats. Once that complex digestive process happens, your body sees protein, carbohydrates and fats not the Snickers bar that it came from.

This brings us full circle. Dose dependent food consumption is the reason why youmight not be able to lose weight. It’s not because you had a slice of pizza or two last night it’s because you ate too much OR too little of a macronutrient (including protein).

Oatmeal contains gluten, eating took much oatmeal is going to cause gut irration and make your stomach seem bigger then it is.

Egg whites cause food allergies almost 100% of the time in most people who consume them too much.

That’s a typical fat loss diet breakfast right?

Every food is a perfect diet food…

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