During Workout Nutrition-Does PeriWorkout Matter?

It’s question and answer time again. In case you missed our last q’n’a segment on the post workout insulin spike, there’s a link.

Question:I’ve recently been reading a lot about during workout nutrition or periworkout nutrition. Is it all marketing hype or is it something that will actually help me? I see guys, both young and old, in the gym drinking various colored drinks during their workouts.

Answer: You know after searching for “periworkout nutrition” recently, I’m not too sure what it is anymore. It started as a during workout term and has evolved into this marketing driven, phantom time frame after the pre workout meal but before and after the post workout meal.

See how it could be confusing?

Yea for real.

So we’re just going to reference during workout nutrition from this point on out. I’m a fan of during workout nutrition but changes for each individual. Let’s take hard gainers as our example. People that have a hard time gaining weight can benefit from a during workout shake for the following reasons.

1) The quick digestion carbohydrates from your shake ensure that you aren’t glycogen deprived from training so you can maintain proper workout intensity.

2) Quick carbohydrates and protein will increase your insulin levels which is an anabolic cell driver.

3) The during workout shake is anti-catabolic since the insulin spike that you get through it will blunt the cortisol response from training.Cortisol breaks down muscle tissue as you train.

4) You’re continually drinking amino acids while you train. Research has shown that regardless of how full your glycogen stores are, certain amino acids will be pulled and used for energy while you train. Drinking amino acids will prevent that and ensure you’re not pulling amino acids from muscle for energy.

What’s the final word on during workout nutrition? Keep in mind, I use different recommendations for different clients depending on their body type. All of which you can find in my member site by clicking here.

I feel that a lot of this depends on your pre workout meal. A high protein and carbohydrate meals will accomplish many of the above mentioned points. That being said, everyone can benefit from at least consuming a BCAA drink during training. Click here for the BCAA drink that I highly recommend.

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