Dwight Howard’s Workout Routine-Basketball Training Program

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I popped open my email the other day I find a message from NBA.com with the headline ‘Inside Dwight Howard’s Training”. Naturally, I clicked on it.

TV announcers always marvel at Dwights frame. For a 6’10 or taller guy, he does have good muscle definition. A body that most people would like. As a result, Dwight Howard’s workout routine is a popular topic.

When I clicked on the video it showed Dwight performing various movementsincluding

-The bench press

-Kneeling cable chops

-Various TRX movements

-Box jumps

-Rotating handle chin-ups

-Push-ups with resistances

-Numerous explosive movements.

Pretty intense workout I’d say.

A good mix of both power based movements and explosive movements, which I thin is lost in athletics. Not saying that the dwight howard workout routine or any basketball training routine has to include the bench press but you can’t ignore movements that increase strength and build muscle.

Dwight is pushing some serious weight in the video too but not heavy enough that it slows him down.

The only thing that I’d like to see is more deadlifts. Now the video didn’t include all the movements in the Dwight Howard workout routine but deadlifts are a must for a basketball player. Now only does it increase his posterior chain(hamstring, glutes, low back) which is so important for his vertical jump but it also builds his upper back. If you’ve ever played in the post then you know how much of a pounding your back takes.

Overall, I’ve very happy with what I saw in the Dwight Howard workout routine. I’ll draft him in fantasy basketball again this year.

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